Maine, Proud Of Our Heritage, Aware Of The World Around Us, With Farming Roots, Respect For Outdoors, Weather, Nature, Our Surroundings.
Maine, Proud Of Our Heritage, Aware Of The World Around Us, With Farming Roots, Respect For Outdoors, Weather, Nature, Our Surroundings.

Life In Northern Maine means there are many things day to day we just don’t worry stolen cars.

Or crime for that matter with Maine the fourth lowest state for the events that happen daily. That you notice on out of state television in a motel room while waiting for someone in the bathroom showering. And the nightly news reports none stop, horendous reports of drive by shootings, kidnaps, rapes, arsons, gang violence, drug busts.

Because we have a lower population, the terrain is unspoiled by man. The lakes are clean, wooded sections just inhabitated by wildlife. And you can leave your keys in a car, or leave it running while zipping in to the post office, in and out of a local store in the winter. No one is going to take it. Anyone looking to steal a car is not going to drive this far north to do it.

And if you are looking for something exotic like a Porsche, a 1967 Shelby GT Mustang…well, there are more of those in areas that are crowded to the south. Thieves are lazy, look for the low hanging, easy fruit by human nature right?

And in small Maine towns, if I see someone messing with your car, pickup, house, camp or cabin that looks suspicious, acts nervous, I get involved. Take a plate number, ask some questions and know my neighbor would do the same thing for me in return. That’s the way we roll when you live in Maine. Work hard for everything you have. Teaching your kids to respect other people’s property. To take care of their own too. We go to camp, spend time in the words, to figure out life, without the noise, distractions. Keeping it basic. As Anthony Bourdain learns, finds out about Maine when his Milo ME native camera man Zach Zamboni coaxes his boss, the traveling food critic in to the family wilderness hidden Maine lake retreat. What is the differences in a big state like Maine in what each area offers?

You’ll like the lakes, loons, sunsets, and less people aspect of Northern Maine, rural parts of the state. But you will equally like what we don’t have. Little crime, no traffic, no pollution and you can see the star filled sky at night. And daily overhead cobalt blue skies are a change from a population center like a city with smog, noise, too much activity. Maine, it’s way way different here. This video explains the differences a state this big offers..or at least the locals perspective on what it is like based on where they live in Maine.

Kids raised in Maine families can walk to the local movie theatre, to public skating, little league practice, home from school and nothing dangerous, awful happens to them. It is not like that everywhere in the country. Less people is one reason for little crime. And the people here get involved if they see something amiss, out of place. The entire “village” raises those kids, looks out for them, helps shape them. There is a connection here that big impersonal city living can not come close to, if at all. Volunteering and working on local Maine projects give the local residents part of that closeness, a pride that is powerful. More involvement and a home grown aspect develops, cements, mortars small rural Maine communities. That is the local flavor of a Maine small town loaded with tradition, family values, work ethic and desire to respect other peoples property, feelings, lifestyle.
I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers