New Fresh White Snow Blankets, Wraps Around A Maine Victorian.
New Fresh White Snow Blankets, Wraps Around A Maine Victorian.
Maine, Watever Floats Your Boat.
Maine, Watever Floats Your Boat.

If you grow up in Maine with long views of rolling hills, fields, crystal clean lakes and a low population treading lightly, it is easy to forget it is not like this every where on the planet.

Maine images are vast too as the state is big, more than just lighthouses and lobster.
We have shot, posted over 1200 Maine images on Flickr. Our Youtube site has videos filled with community events, not just property splashes.

Without words, Maine images begin to show the flavor, what makes the state different, special. It’s the people that make the difference and their attitude to be good stewards of the area. To their piece of Maine to their kids in better shape, condition than they received it. There is a respect, a solemn appreciation for what we have and not wanting to lose it.

Maine, come sample it, taste it, drink it in. For more helpful links, Maine information, for everything the brochure left out see for yourself.

Sample the Maine fresh air, see the cobalt blue skies, brighter stars first hand with a visit on line or better yet in person.

Head up Interstate 95 the next chance you can, make time to see for yourself. Maine, you’re not you when you’re not in ME. Our sister blog Active Rain has over 1450 posts on what it is like day to day here. What it looks like, “tastes” like.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers

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