Black and white holstein cow looking for grain, an apple, a pat on the head.
Black and white holstein cow looking for grain, an apple, a pat on the head.

I make my living selling Maine real estate.

It has been that way for 30 years. And the people we meet, the lives we get intertwined with in the process is an adventure, an education. Today’s closing in Patten Maine was with a couple who the wife had both parents killed in a car accident. The driver causing it died too for speeds in access of 100 miles per hour. The parents in their 80’s on their way home in Pennsylvania with a load of fire wood on a back road.

The Maine real estate buyer, the daughter of the couple lost in the wreck had always wanted a log home with a view and a big deck.

Inheritance helped this couple complete that dream to help forget the nightmare of a sudden loss of both parents. The place they bought with 15 acres of land in Patten ME has a dramatic setting. The price in the low $130,000 range. They lived in Southern Maine, in Wiscasset ME where our one lone nuclear reactor is moth-balled. They said it is getting crowded there and wanted to be closing to the edge of wilderness, less people, more wildlife. Aroostook County / Northern Penobscot County is all that when you are handy to the Allagash Wilderness Waterway, to Baxter State Park’s Mt Katahdin and the other mountains around it to hike, camp out on, to enjoy the solitude.

My parents are both gone and were in their 80’s too with full lives. You miss them but my three brothers and I did not suddenly lose both of them in a car accident. And like one real estate seller we worked with last year, we all had full childhoods with knowing them well working on a Maine potato farm. Seeing them everyday in the fields, potato house, working on the farm buildings. I had another real estate seller who was eight when both his parents died with another couple in a boat that over turned on Grand Lake in Danforth Maine. He was an only child and went to live with his grandparents.

So when you think you have it rough, when your day is going straight up hill or sliding backwards, losing ground, think of how hard it could be. With loss of ones you love in not peaceful, easy ways. I think we are blessed with so much to be grateful for if the truth be known and you take serious inventory of events in your life. In small areas of Maine, the communities pull together thru loss and your neighbors, friends, relatives share your pain. Help you through it. To live in a concrete urban jungle where the pace of life is hurried and no one really cares would make you feel a total orphan and cut off from a sense of community. Maine, one more reason to feel connected, part of a family, support group with down to earth, down home concern for others.

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