Maine Kids..Playing Hockey Make Living Here Extra Special.
Maine Kids..Playing Hockey Make Living Here Extra Special.

When a song or blog post is inside, and needs to come out, that is compullsion.

They are short in time to write posts because they are part of the blogger, the writer or creator. They are blogs needing to be written. Maybe waiting to be written. They have to come out. Loosen your heart and open up to share what is discovered, what makes you who you are. Blog about what you feel, what you are passionate about. Those types of blogs are not spun, not for an inner hidden agenda. They are real, honest and sometimes rough, raw. But they sing with volume.

The blogs I post here range from life on a Maine farm growing up in Aroostook County. To earlier days in Maine radio and broadcasting, to videos on local Maine events. And my favorite job raising a family. It is my luckiest moment to write about four kids, the neat town of Houlton Maine I live in on the New Brunswick Canadian border. This stand alone Maine blog is an off shoot of a bigger brother on Activerain where over 1200 blog posts reside with every topic under the sun. So far. The story comes out slowly with have to wait for the inspiration, the cue to let them out after they formulate slowly inside. Like chasing someone..but doing it by bus. Blogging is a slow, rewarding, enriching experience. Reading, following other blogs helps in that creativity, the craft.

Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers

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