You own a Maine farm.  This is the time of seedlings started in makeshift hot houses and around your home. The front glass porch is filled with peat pots, bags of soil, grow lights and peppers, tomatoes, eggplant and a slew of other

Make Hay While The Sun Shines.
Make Hay While The Sun Shines.

 spindly plants are pushing skyward. Can you see yourself excited about getting your hands in the dirt, thinking of next year’s wood for winter heat and glad another Maine winter is over? There are many blogs, websites and forums on self sufficient Maine farming.  I grew up on a Maine farm and learned about many types of farming. It gets in your system, is basic, wholesome and frees you up to not be trapped inside to enjoy all Maine farming offers. Have you dreamed of hobby farming and raising your family to know the joy, the skill and lifestyle of making a living from the good old earth?  Farming teaches your patience, appreciation for good weather during planting and harvest. It changes your outlook for the desire to be rich and famouse to being healthy and happy. The country was made up of mostly farmers not so many years ago. Farming teaches youth work ethic as this Maine potato picking movie  illustrates.

Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers

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