Fewer people mean fewer options.  Granted the name on the sign is Houlton Maine International Airport (HUL) but daily flights with folks filling up a 747 is not going to happen. The airport could handle the plane size, but just not that popular a destination. You can fly in daily into PQI, Presque Isle Maine’s Airport or BGR, Bangor Maine’s Airport easily.

This is the bus that used to service Northern Maine owned by the Bangor

Bangor And Aroostook Early Bus Services To Houlton Maine
Bangor And Aroostook Early Bus Services To Houlton Maine

and Aroostook Railroad. Cyr Bus Lines out of Old Town Maine does the honors with daily bus service to Northern Maine. I-95 which starts in Houlton Maine and ends up at the southern most tip of Florida is well maintained, easy to make good time on because of the less traffic and no bumper to bumper situation (other than the two Phish concerts that drew 60,000 plus fans to Limestone Maine a few years back).  Private plane owner or have a cousin that flies? We pick folks up looking for real estate at Houlton’s airport that is less than 3 miles away from our office and right on the Canadian border of the province of New Brunswick.

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