Something’s missing in your life.   Maine is what is missing. You want to move here, you hear your name being whispered. But what about job options? You have checked the many Maine online employment internet venues. But a high wattage light bulb suddenly over your head comes on and being a small business owner is on the table for consideration. You could own apartment houses, a small mom and pop grocery with apartment overhead,a garage or wood working outlet,  a sporting camp.

     Maine license plates have “Vacationland” stamped on every one and our backyard is filled with wildlife, kayak

Everyone Gets Along In Maine. Everyone.
Everyone Gets Along In Maine. Everyone.

options on the many lakes, rivers, streams and miles and mile of uninhabited woods to roam. If you go the rental cabin route, you will not just cater to hunters/fisherman.  You will want  to broaden your target audience to consider snowsledders, church groups, use as a place for family reunions, weddings, local musical events.  You can feed the campers and invite others in for your killer corn chowder or New England boiled dinner. Own a business, buy a job, make what you are worth. Finally.’s calling your name. Get here as quick as you can. Check out the opening video for a Maine business option to buy a job.

Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers

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