Imagine 60,000 acres of Maine blueberries to harvest. Bees buzzing, hot sun rising overhead and Maine youth raking, fill boxes of blueberries. It was back in the 1840’s that Maine blueberries were commercially harvest and the word got out about nature’s candy.  Maine blueberries have a two year production cycle. Valued at more than 75 million dollars, blueberry growing in Maine contributes much to the state’s economy.

     Learn all there is to know about Maine blueberries. Watch a Maine blueberry video and see a harvest operation. The blueberry harvest starts in July and extends into August and utilizes local Maine youth and migratory workers who continue on to Northern Maine to help with the broccoli and potato Rake Some Fresh Maine Blueberries!harvest. Local events like the  Machias Maine Festival showcase the heritage, the importance of the blueberry crop to coastal communities.


Andrew Mooers

Rake Some Fresh Maine Blueberries!