The Bigger Picture And Not Using 911 To Correct Wrongs, Complaints.
The Bigger Picture And Not Using 911 To Correct Wrongs, Complaints.

The car window is down, you lean out…are speaking in to a stratchy drive thru microphone. And the order does not come out the way you had hoped when you drive around to the window where you settle up and pay, pick up the bag of fast food.

They say life is 10 percent the events, people, situations you and I experience and 90 percent how you and I react to them. If your fast food order was messed up, do you just not take a money back offer and go all the way calling 911 for someone with a gun and a badge to do something about it. Or call a lawyer because your neighbor decided to put up a that keeps you from viewing their back yard or that interferes with your view over land, property you don’t own. We don’t roll that way in Maine.

Mainers deal with it, are hard workers and get the job done. Over reaction to people, events, situations is not the norm. We accept and make the most of it. Supposedly the nation if you believed the media talking heads is head over heels in deep recession. Mainers always live frugally, preparing for a recession or set back. We are realistic, survivors that learned in on family Maine farms. Don’t waste your money, resources, time. Teach your kids work ethic, make them part of a working family. Those kids buy their winter coat with potato picking or clam hoeing or blueberry raking money. Their own money they are slow to let go off unless value is there. They are brought up not to sue for a living but to work and manage and be grateful, content. Living within our means and not using 911 dispatchers or lawyers to get our way.

Maybe that is why Maine is in the top ten places in the country of happiest states to live. Why our banks are not straining from foreclosure or bankruptcy strain. Why Maine is the fourth lowest crime states too. Maine..get here as quick as you can and sample our clean air, bluer skies, friendlier hard working folks where family, community is what it is all about. Others, not me me me. We are taught to respect other people’s property, feelings, space. But when the going gets tough, we don’t take the poor me route. We dig in and push, stratch, hustle our way out of bad situations. We keep going.
Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers