If you had to use one word descriptions of Maine, it would be better to clarify, streamline the process.

Ask if you could just play the Maine images. One at a time. Like laying down, rotating missing puzzle pieces. To fit, focus, put it all together. For the brand new, tell me about this Maine place, state of mind you speak of so often. Love so much.

Living In Maine
Open Air, Locally Grown, Friendly. Maine Is Simple Living.

If you could load videos on the local Maine area events, landscape. The need for words to help the online blog post reader get a sense of what’s it like in Maine would be a cinch to convey. Without the need for words to get in the way. For long wordy sentences to read between and decode.

Maine is real, raw, unspoiled. All natural, unfiltered, left alone and protected at the same time.

Under populated so not over used. Combined with treading lightly with all out constant respect, appreciation. Just being a ways up the highway for access, off the beaten path preserves the surroundings best.

Maine for many is like a trip to the Moon or some far away planet.

Just about the time you get there, well, better start the return trip. Because the vacation is short. Time is eaten up with travel. There is a clock ticking back at the place you really hang your hat. For now. Until you can make a run for it. To head to Maine for good. Instead of skimming the surface in short fits, start and stop intervals.

For more than a vacation week a year, long weekend if you are lucky to be in Maine longer.

To see, feel, hear what you are missing.

Maine Is Small Town Special.
Maine Is Music. The Outdoor Loon On A Lake Kind. The Small Community Band Flavor.
By being MIA, AWOL, too busy and distracted with the man made rituals, material items, much that is plastic, artificial, temporary. And comes with a price. Don’t neglect the important relationships in life. With others, with your surroundings. In a place like Maine.

But ah, when you are lucky enough to live in Maine full time.

All that packing, unpacking, lodging expense, expensive meals, tolls. The hustling, tramping hurriedly to cram in as much of the sights in a short window of opportunity. All that is thankfully missing. Freeing you up. Leaving room.

So the experience is more relaxed, casual, enjoyable. Less racing, anxious, sweating happens. You now realize there is plenty of time. To discover a lifetime of new places in Maine.

To explore, return to and reflect on. As your kids grow up, your life becomes more outside family and time for a little more of just yourself. Less absorbed with the non essentials during your accumulation phase. Collecting stuff. You were told you needed in highly effective marketing.

Replacing the store bought luxuries shrink wrapped, often plastic with the genuine one of a kind Maine article.

That are only found in Maine. Outdoors, four seasons, plenty of parking. No lines, no tickets to buy to enjoy these natural events. With just you, if lucky enough to have a partner in the front row seats. The only patrons in the outdoor theater setting. With wildlife inviting you into where they live in sections of Maine the tourist information brochure did not highlight. Most from away never heard about or see talked up online.

Maine Is Outdoor Simple Living.
Maine, Somehow Water Is Always In The Background. Part Of The Outdoor Fun.

You do feel spoiled when you are in Maine.

Not the kind that happens when you captain, sail in a little rough around the edges Indian class or Snipe family vessel. As you glide into a Maine, New England harbor. When now replaced with a 41 foot sleek, graceful yawl named Heart String. Under your command. Where the reception changes a little. Like does a 180 degree about face.

You now look like money. That makes some jump quicker, smile longer, try harder. Offer to help with the land line. Fresh water replenishment. Better slip parking spaces. As if working for a tip. Or suddenly feeling like they are among royalty, someone that has the air, smells like wealth. The old, inherited blue blood kind.

The wealth in Maine is measured internally, in the size of the area, space you make.

Deep down inside where your contentment, joy, gratitude lives. Over by the satisfying feeling of doing it yourself, being resourceful, you apply lots of patience. Deeper satisfaction happens in Maine because it’s not about the store bought. Picked off a shelf or impressing others. It is more secure and doing things for you, not for show or envy of others.

Give Maine the attention she deserves. Then watch out. Surrender. Put your hands up. Stop resisting. She will grab your heart, tugging at your strings. knowing how to pull them to make your dance, sing, laugh. Will never let go. And you hope she never does.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker