Plenty of snow in Maine, this past winter’s polar vortex brought lots to the party.

Maine Is Outdoors, All Four Seasons.
Maine, Outside, Another Season. Just Dressed Different.
And as spring crocus, daffodils, hyacinths get the nod “you’re on, up and at ’em”, green red and other color canoes get dug out. Pulled from dusty garages. Or returned from whoever borrowed them after your kids went down a swollen Maine river last. It’s time to come home. Begin again with the rebirth of a Maine spring.

We are shoveling the large banks of Maine snow along hot black top driveways, parking lots to speed up the melting.

To splay the low quality snow banks. That are more like reject, low grade snow cone stock peppered with rocks. Over the warm pavement to hurry up the spring’s arrival in Maine. The transition not happening fast enough as the sun shines warmer, brighter high over head.

Mud season, drying out, firing up cellar sump pumps to give Maine spring thaw run off from winter snow water a better place to go. Then inside where nothing good comes out of the liquid visit. That can get high enough in unattended Maine homes to drown out the furnace.

Maine Photo, Image Beauty.
Pick Your Outdoor Pleasure. Maine Has Them All. Spread Over The Four Seasons.

Seeing your Maine neighbors out walking, talking, biking.

Taking cans, bottles from winter to the redemption center. Swamp out the family vehicle that looks battle weary from a long Maine winter.

Visits to the LP gas refilling center. For the cylinder swap of the empty tank for a full little piglet to fire up the outdoor BBQ.

Now you’re cooking with gas Bub. It’s all good.

Here.. (handing spatula, cook’s apron, the chef’s lid). To season, tenderize, sizzle whatever is on the menu good to eat tonight. Make mine rare enough to still moo, twitch please. Pink, cold center, juices oozing. Flash seared, blackened, sealed on the top, bottom, sides. Sure, you can make yours over done, shoe leather. Knock yourself out.

The Kenduskeag Canoe Race is next weekend, April 19th in the Bangor Maine area. The Meduxnekeag River Canoe Race is May 3rd. Here is the round up of the Maine canoe, kayak race schedule. If you want to be out on the white water, on the circuit to get in shape for summer living.

Grab your paddle, before it is time to latch on to the garden rake to rearrange the rocks from the Maine winter sand plow truck handiwork.

Celebrate spring in Maine. Hitting the garden and trade shows around the Pine Tree State.

The Maine kids planning for Easter egg hunts, church papeants. Getting bikes upgraded, fixed. Pan cake flat tires blown up. With your help Dad or Mom remove the training wheels. Or later for the it’s time for the really large step. To sure, look both ways. But you are big enough now, responsible. Can leave the yard. Ride with your friends to the corner store up the street for a treat. To the dairy bar for a soft serve twist of today’s favors. To feel like king of the small Maine town tooling around the downtown. Hoping you see someone you know to wave at and grin ear to ear. Or to beeline to the skate park with the board bungie corded to the handlebars. To shake off winter cabin fever on the slide, leaps and revolutions.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker