Maine Moose Confusesd, Dazed, Lost.
Loss Of 11 Jobs In A Small Maine Town Economy Hurts, Stings, Smells, Confuses.

When you live in a big state like Maine, state government that is spaced out can make economic sense. To give small communities around Vacationland a piece of the pie.

And because a quick shoot from the hip analysis shows it is a win win any way you cut it. Before applying a political filter to the once over to dull the blade of common sense.

Case in point, the Maine Revenue Services Houlton Maine operation. Efficiently run, zip for turn over for the last decade. So the retraining process to get another new employee up to speed is not an issue. Zip, gone. Does not contribute to retraining inefficiency. That can happen in Augusta where leap frog from this to better jobs happens like a sport.

With a 55% lower office lease amount to shell out, tweaking security, other measures cited as reasons to justify pulling the plug go away. There should be plenty of financial room to accomplished adjustments. Plus the IRS statutes don’t require what is casually dropped as reasons for the move back to Augusta for this kind of facility. Plus the current landlord I talked with is more than willing to go above and beyond what is already being done. But he has to be made aware of his part to keep the jobs local, making the state money. But that did not make the short and sweet too bad so sad news release. Just lump it under cost savings, belt tightening. It is not when a well run, in the black, revenue generating arm of the government has its head on the chopping block. And not part of the red ink areas that should be the targets of where can we save the state a buck.

Jobs are hard enough to come by in a small Maine town in Aroostook County. So folks holding them take them very seriously.

The “picking potatoes” work ethic adds to the above and beyond effort put into the pride of the day to day at these jobs. Valuable employees happen. Solid, dependable, and set up orginally because of a thinking at the time that Augusta Maine is expensive. And having all the eggs in one Maine capital area basket ignores the economical realities of outposts making sense. Being turned on to shine brightly through out the state of Maine.

To share the work load through out the state and make Maine money. Spreading the wealth of jobs every Maine town struggles to create. To hold on to after they go online. And to get lower cost office overhead operations. A better trained work force with longevity that hangs on fiercely, appreciates the job they take very seriously. Performing it with passion. Fire in their belly to be the best, represent the state proudly. To provide expert courteous quality service consistently. And this office makes the money badly needed revenue. Why tamper with that? Look for the loss leaders, slack, duplication that is out there.

The cost for leasing office space in Houlton Maine roughly 55% less than higher real estate values in Augusta too.

wages for the same job can be lower in Northern Maine because it is cheaper to live here. Lower crime.Housing costs, insurance bills. And Everything is online and technologically connected. So distance away from your customer is only hinged on having a modern, Internet connection and loud and clear phone signal.

So when the guise of “saving money” when reduction to five untrained people doing the work of 11 to 12 trained workers is touted, whoa. What? Pulling the rug out from under those workers, the wool over the eyes of anyone getting the spin with a pink slip happens, it stings. To replace trained, money making with five untrained and watch the revenue drop off? Hmmmm. Smells, confuses. Does not make economic sense from all levels when put under an objective bright light of scrutiny. With all the facts, discussion, back and forth examination.

But no warning of the visit from the job executioner happened and now what? Lick the wounds, feel the void that ripples through a small Maine town. And figure you can not fight state government with an apathetic approach to the closure? Or call the powers to be to task to thrash out the closure with tenacity of a junk yard dog. To leave no stone unturned. To debate fully, completely the flawed logic of termination of eleven, twelve jobs in a small Maine community. For political not practical reasons. Mainers don’t waste money and take frugal living, spending to an entirely different level.

Public input missing in the closure process does not add to building an abundance of faith supply placed into state government and elected officials.

Saving money, cost cutting, higher efficiency is a beautiful necessary thing if it really happens.

Is the end result. Don’t see this pull up stakes and move to Augusta being that when the move is explored. Shaken done and the facts reviewed on all levels. From every angle top to bottom, side to side. Which is how self sufficient, independent minded Mainers loaded with common sense and 20-20 reality vision survive. Run their day to day life in Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker