I Can See Just Fine. No, I'm Mot Asleep. My Eyes Are Wide Open.
I See You. Really.

Taking photos, pictures, images of Maine sometimes means the camera lens steams over.

Needs to be cleaned before more photos are collected if a farm animal, close up image of a horse is the subject. Breathing fogging if too close happens. Maine deer are a different matter. More elusive, skiddish and you don’t get close without a 400 mm lens or greater. So clouding up the lens is not an issue. It does not get licked by the subject either.

See other Maine photostream images. Our Maine Tumblr site groups photo sets of Maine too.

Maine, her beauty is natural, wholesome, real.

Come collect your own images of Maine. To relive, enjoy, hit places deep inside. Watch local Maine community events videos too. More images, photos at 30 per second with sound can cause a stir inside too.

Maine, there’s only one place with the space that grabs your heart. Will not let go and you hope she never does. Don’t mind a bit. Don’t stay away so long.

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I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker