Maine's Oceanfront Jewel Harbor Towns Are Not A Secret Any More.
Boats Floating Along The Maine Coast In The Lincolnville Beach Area.

Maine offers the natural setting folks bombarded with negativity, too much bad news need.

A steady diet of expensive city living coupled with non stop crime news, grid lock traffic makes you numb. It’s not healthy. It’s not like that in Maine.

But the reality is eight out of ten people live in a city, urban area. With all the development, all those wall to wall people, forget enjoying 2500 lakes and ponds. You find that in Maine, but it is sadly missing in population centers.

People need hope, faith and the despair, hectic and dangerous living in the bright lights, big city are not where you foster, find that.

Simple living demands one by one removal of the barriers that keep you from achieving it.

And to make sure nothing is added to your life no matter what age you find yourself at that will distract or threaten that simple by choice lifestyle.

This week I made the annual pilgrimage to the state Maine REALTOR convention. The venue this year in Rockland at the Samoset. The drive down US Rt 1 in early fall offers a part of Maine tied to the ocean. Fishing, lumber, farming and tourism are the big mainstays to the Maine economy.

Stopping to capture an image overlooking ocean water in Lincolnville Maine to share on this blog post made me appreciate living in Vacationland. Everything you need is in this state, so many areas to explore. So many neat folks to meet, share experiences with in Maine.

Thought I would swing in to Bangor Maine to sample a sandwich from Gambino’s on Hammond Street and asked for a Nightmare sub. The clerk smiled and said “you haven’t been here for awhile have you?” I told him at least once a year I do the same request but am remembering when the same eatery was Napoli Pizza and Sub. They called it a Nightmare and the clerk perked up. Said “oh you mean a Godfather, number 22”. That’s what they call it now, number 22 on the wall.

Learned a lot at the REALTOR seminar in Rockland Maine and networked with old friends in the same profession, industry. But glad to be home.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker