You know spring has sprung in Maine when you see green canoes
Spring Thaw From Winter Snows Make The Maine Rivers Fast, Fun.
Meduxnekeag River Race 2011 Is April 30th At 10AM.
on pick up roof racks around our small communities.

Brightly colored kayaks being hauled out of sheds, parked on, dotting lawns.

Waiting for the next weekend canoe race in Maine.

Lots of Maine river and stream races happen each spring in Maine as the water level rises. As the water gets higher, flows faster in rivers and streams due to melting snow run off.

As the ice thaws, goes out of local lakes now that ice fishing shacks have been removed from those waterbodies in Maine.

Check out the images of many of Maine’s local races. Or watch a video of the Meduxnekeag River Race in Houlton Maine.

Meduxnekeag is a Maliseet Native American word meaning “rocky at its mouth”.

This Southern Aroostook River’s South Branch starts at what is known as Meduxnekeag Lake. But no one locally will know which Maine lake you are actually talking about. Refer to it as Drews Lake in New Limerick, Linneus and the part known as the “Fishing Grounds” in Oakfield Maine. This is the Drews Lake site for future reference if this summer you want more Maine water in your recreational off time diet.

The Meduxnekeag River Race 2011 edition is April 30th at 10 AM. The Maine Canoe and Kayak Racing 2011 River Schedule shows lots of options to dip the paddle, drift down a Maine stream or river.

You don’t have to be a belt black paddler, kayaker to enjoy the water. Leisure, recreational canoe and kayak owners can fill their lungs with fresh air, listen to birds singing, the lap of water against the craft as soon as you put in. And starting heading to the finish line at your own pace. Picture yourself in the Meduxnekeag River Race in Houlton Maine video, watching the movie.

Be in the 2011 Maine river race video and make some memories with a son, daughter, other family member or friend. The exercise will do you good. And you get a red dye number three grilled hot dog and a drink. A neat t-shirt to celebrate the day on the water. While enjoying, reliving the Maine river race with other paddlers where you dig out, come back a shore on to dry land. There is a feeling of accomplishment, you are part of a 50 year Maine spring tradition started by Houlton Maine’s Ricker College many moons ago.

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