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Maine, Get Here Quick As You Can.

Consider the source is always good advice, the same is true of Maine information, details.

If the person telling you A-Z about a place like Maine he or she has never been, how good are the details. I mean the best contestants on Jeopardy are pretty well versed on a variety of subjects. But wouldn’t you rather learn about Maine from someone from here? I think so too. Our Maine FAQ video hits the highlights, starts the process of making your dream a reality. Follow our sister Maine blog posts too to start forming the image of what the state in the right hand corner of the country is really all about.

Maine, lots to write home about. But you’ll learn more about the flavor, the spark, the place and people if you keep your source folks that live, work and play… have actually been here.

Not your hairdresser’s second cousin’s neighbor who has heard good things but never been here.

Make the trip, get to Maine. This is my story, why I live here in Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers