Visions, The Blue Moon Gallery Are Part Of SACAP In Downtown Houlton Maine
Visions, The Blue Moon Gallery Are Part Of SACAP In Downtown Houlton Maine
SACAP “promotes local fine art, folk art, traditional art, historic art, performing art, and contemporary crafts in the Southern Aroostook County region. The local Houlton Maine outlet is located at 66 Main Street. Visions, the local retail beehive for local artisans and the Blue Moon Gallery help promote art of all types. See the display in the Midnight Madness video for downtown Houlton Maine, a retail festival held during the July 4th celebration period each summer. Watch the video.

When you are in Southern Aroostook or passing thru on Interstate 95 on the way to Atlantic Canada, swing off exit 302, head to the downtown to check out the display of local art work of all types. Appreciation for art is something Houlton Maine embraces, promotes, encourages. It is important for youth to develop this appreciation early on, to be encouraged to pursue their passion, develop their skills. You will notice in the Houlton ME 4th of July video exhibits of photography, excellence in cooking, crafts and art win place ribbons and cash prizes for a variety of categories and age groups. All part of the celebration along with fair rides, demolision derby, parades, lots of watermelon and fireworks. Check out the SACAP site.

All ages of artists from school kids with theme paintings to older folks just starting to develop their skills, tap in to their creative side. SACAP started in 1999 and has the support of many individuals, groups and local businesses in the Southern Aroostook area. Maine exhibits from paints, sketches, pottery, wood carvings and so much more.

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