Maine Moose Family Crosses Road
Maine Moose Family Crosses Road

Each morning, day in and day out, you meet and greet the fellow in the mirror who stares back, waiting for the second cup of coffee to kick in just like you.

As you saddle up, strap on the utility belt, get ready to ride out in to another day. But how well do you really know, understand this reflection? Why do we want what we want, need what we need and in the degree unique to each and every one of us?

My dad had a college commencement speaker who stated he hopes the graduating class got to have set backs, to know advertsity early in life so as to benefit from it. I saw an ad on television yesterday indicating failure is the road to success. The same road paved with good intentions. But the character, the make up, the crank factor of you, yourself and I is modeled after your parents, shaped by life events, the people in your day to day.

As a Maine real estate broker for 30 years, this is a people business. When a property buyer is upset, there is a reason. Listening to hear what the issue is, how I can help is key. Many times, it is not a case of the broker taking responsibility for a screw up. It is frustration in the life of the buyer who on top of this stressful move he is trying to orchestrate on time for his family, he also is having work issues, etc. Too much on his emotional plate and he is human. No antennae.

It is said life is 10 percent the events, the people you bump in to and get to know along the way. And 90 percent the way we react to those same events, people.

If there are too many people jammed in where you live now, that crowd is not helping you stay loose, focused and a fun guy or gal. If the sea of people is too many per square mile, that just adds to the mental pressure cooker inside your head.

That is where Maine comes in. Lower population gives you the space you need, less hubbub to process. Less noise. Add to it the four seasons, the outdoor recreational options to renew your spirit, adjust your attitude, and Maine is the RX supplement you need in your system.

If you can unwind, have down time and get some exercise at the same time, consider hiking one of Maine’s mountains. They come in all sizes The wildlife, unspoiled vista you see along the way is almost spiritual. You suddenly are humbled, stripped away of any self importance and able to think with a clear head. The fresh air in the your lungs part of it, the lack of people in your face way way too close is another component. But you are making time, running away to a setting that is conducive to figuring things out. Learning what makes you tick because you have time left over from maybe a place you live that crime consumes some of your personal energy. Worrying about a huge mortgage and wondering how in the world you are going to make the payment. That makes you old real quick. Hurry, scurry, detail rich busy. But no time to sit down and figure out your life. It is your life and you have choices right? Get to Maine as quick as you can.

In Maine our real estate is so low, we don’t struggle with giant crushing payments from mortgages with too many zero places in them. We own our homes, and material things is not the way we keep score on how are we doing. The simple things are front and center. Spending money to feel good does not work here. Consumer product purchasing therapy is dead. We help each other out and do it ourselves on projects. We take care of what we worked hard for to keep. Our kids grow up with work ethic learning to earn what they buy. This kind of respect is easily in a rural state with values like Maine. Come find out more about who you are.

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