Eggs you get from your own hens..two large orange yolks. And you know the hens they came from, all are named, have different personalities.

You may name the farm animals after friends they remind you of.  But the bottom line is eating better, eating fresh food you grew or from a local farmer’s market.  That’s Maine goodness right in your backyard.

Have you thought of owning some land, growing some critters, crops or harvesting some wood to burn and to build that home? Maine has the space, the affordable prices, the lifestyle you seek. And the best part? Not too many people and the ones that are here are after the same lifestyle. Friendly folks, willing to help, down to earth, family oriented, hard working.

Are you not in your right place? Eating fast food and growing older than the years on your driver’s license? Stop. Stop now. Maine..get here as fast as you can. Here’s a link to  to get you in the right frame of mind and to start helping preserve the small family farm.  Have you watch any of the Farmaid musics benefit concerts on DirectTV’s 101 channel ?

Willie Nelson, Neil Young, John Cougar Mellencamp, Dave Mathews have got the farmer’s back in their Farmaid help.

  Don’t think you need to be buying farm fresh locally grown organic food or to suport the local community farmer? Don’t talk with your mouth food. Food is the ultimate weapon..without it, everything grinds to a halt and without quality nutrient rich food, you die early. Your quality of life suffers if you are eating fast paced, hit or miss meals of fast food, on the run funnel it down the throat pitstops of the wrong junk. Here, grab a hoe and cultivate around those cucumbers with you? And me throw on those bails of hay in the back forty before those black clouds on the horizon open up will yeah?