Total solar eclipse in Houlton Maine tips.

A total solar eclipse only happens every 100 years or so in a given location. A solar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Moon and Earth orbits align. The Moon gets caught in the middle of the three objects causing a 50 mile wide shadow traveling across on Earth.

Houlton Maine is the state’s darkest point during the next total solar eclipse this spring.

boy with the leaking boot solar eclipse
Houlton ME, Everyone’s Excited About The Total Solar Eclipse April 8, 2024!

This blog post offers more information, helpful tips if you plan a trip to experience the total solar eclipse in Houlton Maine, Aroostook County’s oldest town.

How to get here, where to stay, places to eat and things to do while in Houlton Maine for the black out total solar eclipse experience.

On Monday, April 8, 2024, at 3:32 in the afternoon, the Houlton Maine total solar eclipse will last 3 minutes, 18 seconds.

That’s not that long really. Just about the time you spend listening to Marvin Gaye’s “Heard It Through The Grapevine”. (Gladys Knight and The Pips, not Marvin did the song originally by the way).

The view of the total solar eclipse happens west to east and in a specific location as the Earth rotates. Maine is the last of 13 states of totality the solar eclipse passes over April 8th, 2024.

The last Maine solar eclipse was July 20th, 1963 that spotlighted Bangor ME as the center host city.

I was seven, remember my school teachers telling us what an eclipse was and what causes one. My parents making sure we had welder’s dark glass on to see the partial solar eclipse on the Maine farm I grew up and still own in Houlton Maine.

Everyone in Maine is hoping for clear skies to observe the solar eclipse in April.

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Houlton Maine, The Place To Be For The Total Solar Eclipse April 8th, 2024!

The next one is aways off in 2079 with two lunar and two solar eclipses. I may sit that one out, how about you?

They are not the same, lunar and solar eclipses.

With a lunar eclipse the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon, creating a shadow on the Moon. When the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, a shadow is cast on the Earth.

Houlton Maine, GPS  coordinates 46.126, -67.84 is four leaf clover lucky to be dead center in the path of totality for the stargazing maximum effect.

Your trip to experience the total solar eclipse can expanded to take in lots of other special area events.

Learn more on what the Northern Maine community has planned for upcoming solar eclipse celestial cosmic celebration. This Me In Maine blog post gets updated as we get closer to the big event overhead in the sky.

How to get here? It’s easy to travel to Aroostook County. Located at the beginning of Interstate 95, Houlton Maine is a border town, lots of perks.

You’re at the US / Canada border customs and immigration International crossing, just after passing the Houlton Maine I-95 exit 302 and 305 choices. Exit 302 gets you to the town of Houlton, exit 305 is the last stop at Houlton International Airport and industrial park.

Do you own a small private plane and think it would be fun to fly into Houlton Maine?

You could draw up a flight plan to KHUL for the solar eclipse in Houlton Maine. You could also fly into Presque Isle Airport and rent a car to motor around the area. Make a vacation in Northern Maine seeing the eclipse, checking out the neat communities around Houlton Maine.

If you prefer driving, after a few simple border port of entry questions, you can also continue on along the Gateway to the Atlantic Canadian provinces.

It’s more than the the solar eclipse to enjoy while visiting Northern Maine. Solar totality darkness continues over Carleton County New Brunswick. The solar eclipse 50 mile wide swatch of darkness does not have to stop at customs and immigration inspections.  More on Woodstock New Brunswick Canada’s solar eclipse community page.

US Rt 1, 2, 2A also connect in Houlton Maine.

Houlton Maine, Aroostook County
Houlton Maine, Aroostook County Town Where Totality Happens During The Solar Eclipse.

Folks in Portland, Lewiston, Augusta, Bangor and elsewhere down country in Maine will have to travel North to experience totality in this next solar eclipse. Houlton Maine is definitely at the cross roads for transportation.

Much is planned prior to and after the total solar eclipse events in Houlton Maine.

Where to stay? Here is a list of local motels, lodges, camp grounds and a list of Houlton Maine area landlords too. Camping out on Maine land, folks in RV’s just needing a place to get off the road. Everyone locally is joining forces to come together with housing, camping, lodging options for eclipse lovers. List of things to do for fun in Houlton Maine. Working up an appetite?

small towns in maine
Small Town Houlton Maine, Walk To Everything Easy!

Where to eat in Houlton Maine.

eclipse 2024 end of totality
Houlton Maine, Last Chance, Last Place To Experience Totality, The Total Solar Eclipse 2024! Totally Houlton Maine Totality!

Lots more dining options than local Houlton Maine restaurants, diners and cafes. Local snowmobile clubs, the farmer’s museum, civic, school and church groups all rally together to make sure no one goes hungry or unfed.

Everyone is a buzz and gearing up for the Houlton Maine Eclipse Festival fun! This solar eclipse event is truly a regional task to tackle. Many are involved in rolling out the red VIP welcome carpet to make all visitors feel right at home! All are invited to come north to experience total darkness planetary show happening April 8th, 2024 at 3:32 PM. Don’t forget your eye viewing protection or locally you can pick up what you need for the eclipse watching glasses.

There are four kinds of solar eclipses and experiencing totality is the most exciting and by far memorable.

The temperature drops, animals act differently, everything goes dark along with many stages before, during, after the total solar eclipse.

houlton maine with moon
The Earth, Moon And Sun Getting Together To Create A Total Solar Eclipse In Houlton Maine.

What to expect, what exactly happens during a total solar eclipse?

The National Geographic folks describe the solar eclipse phenomenon!


Things to remember planning for the solar eclipse in Northern Maine.

Our friends at NASA that have lots of outer space experience share these solar eclipse tips.

Follow the official website of the Houlton Maine Total Solar Eclipse for updates and additional information.

Also, around Aroostook County, more about the solar eclipse here. “Over home” as we like to call the province of New Brunswick Canada and beyond, here is what is planned in Woodstock’s solar eclipse on the other side of the border. A million people are on the move to track and witness the 2024 solar eclipse.

More from a Maine television broadcasting outlet Newscenter report.

Thinking about a little vacation up in Northern Maine, a road trip to look up and see, feel the awesome power of a total solar Maine eclipse?

Here for questions, getting around Southern Aroostook County, over into Canada,eating, lodging, directions and who to contact for help! Glean all the logistics from a lifelong local native if you plan to be in Houlton Maine area for the total solar eclipse.

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