Polio plus Rotary International program and Maine.

The World wide efforts to eradicate polio continue. The polio plus push to rid the planet of the crippling disease started in 1985.

In the US, in 1975, almost 6,000 cases of paralyzing polio were reported. By 1994, the US was the first world country to report no new cases of polio.

Pakistan and Afghanistan are currently the only two countries with cases of wild type 1 polio.

In 1952, polio in the US peaked at over 20,000 cases. Hospital wards in this country were full of respirators to help paralyzed people’s breathing. Back in the 1980’s my local Houlton Maine Rotary club stepped up donations to polio plus.

This past week, the Temple Cinema movie theatre splashed a special free showing of the movie “Breathe” on the silver screen.

Free popcorn, soda and with a polio plus donation, movie goers also received a purple pinkie roll in the ink.

All to increase awareness. To show others you care about the polio plus program. and increase awareness.

Do you know anyone in Maine affected by the polio virus? Our past polio chairman felt strongly about polio plus because his brother in law contracted it. More to explore on ending polio.

Are we all clear for polio outbreak cases in the US?

Sadly No. In 2022 in  New York’s Rockland County an unvaccinated man contracted the paralyzing polio virus infection. Children under 5 years of age one of polio’s biggest targets. Vaccination is the best way to protect again contracting polio.

Frequent handwashing, especially after bathroom visits and after changing diapers is key too. Children receive does of the polio vaccine by mouth.

More on ending polio and how you can help donate and become better informed about the paralyzing disease.

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End Polio, Rotary Polio Plus Prevention Education


What are other countries doing to increase polio plus awareness? Lots. The link.

Local Maine polio survivor helps vaccinate kids around the world – YouTube .

Are you member of your local Rotary club? I know the clubs in my Rotary district do an awfully lot of good locally, Worldwide too. When I look around the local Northern Maine area I can see so many things that would never have happened without Rotarians joining forces to get it down collectively. One person can do a lot but many people can get even more down working together.

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