Dining, walking the Old Port.

This section of Maine has a major pull for instate and out of state residents alike. Over the weekend, headed out Friday night from “The County” to zip to Wells Beach, Maine. Then get up early to beeline to Pease Air Force Base For an airshow.

pease air force base
Love To Fly And It Shows? Thunder Over New Hampshire Air Show This Past Weekend!

Have been to smaller Maine airport fly ins and posted photos, videos, details before on this Maine blog.

b-52 pease air force base
Fly Over, Pease Air Force Base New Hampshire B-52H Display. Part Of Food, Fun, Flight, Force At Thunder Over New Hampshire Air Show.

Fascination with flying started from stories my Dad told me about his Army Air Force missions as a B-24 Liberator tail gunner during World War Two.

Getting a part 107 FAA drone license helped the aviation bug to develop inside too.

So back to Thunder Over New Hampshire highlights. The Saturday weather was perfect, hot and clear to see the aviation acrobats overhead. I wondered about Sunday being cloudy and cooler if that impacted the overhead oohs and ahhs.

Seeing a B-52H up close and using the 185′ wingspan as shade overhead while munching on cheeseburgers and cheese nachos. My first big airshow and everything unfolded overhead in front of us.

b-52-h specs
Air Plane Jet 5-52 Specs At Thunder Over New Hampshire Air Show.

Families with connections to the military and lots of younger cadets starting their service careers helping out running the event. It was neat to see all ages, their t-shirts to give you a hint of why they came to the air show event at Pease Air Force Base.

I wondered if the particular B-52H sitting next to the runway might have been stationed years ago at Loring Air Force Base in Limestone Maine.

The placard spelled out the B-52’s entered service of the skies around 1961 while Loring AFB was in full swing as a SAC base. Loring was 9472 acres of military secrets that closed September 1994.This B-52H pictured is stationed in Louisiana and on loan like the helicopters, other aircraft on display. Or put to the test in the air over Pease Air Force Base in New Hampshire this past weekend.

The Loring AFB closure hit the economy of Northern Maine very hard and in some respects, Aroostook County is still recovering for the population loss.

f-35 jet fighter
F 35 Jet Fighter Parked At Pease Air Force Base At This Past Weekend’s Air Show.

Food at Street & Company finished off the down and back weekend when lucky enough to live in Maine.

Clams Street And Company
Clams, Seafood, Outdoor Dining At Street & Company, Old Port Maine.

To be able to zip to corners of Vacationland to sample other parts of Maine. Dining outside on the sidewalk and watching party goers ply up and down the narrow cobblestone side streets around the Old Port helps enhance the experience. Maine seafood is always a tasty menu selection when you are in the Old Port region of Portland ME.

Old Port Dining Options
Old Port Maine Dining Options, There Are Many To Consider.

Been to Maine for a quick or three day, maybe a week’s vacation?

Are you over due and looking for suggestions? Thank you for follow our Me In Maine blog posts. Trying to hit lots of areas of Maine to show you this is worth your time and consideration. Welcome to Maine. The way life should be.

porthole dining old port maine
Where To Dine, What Number Of Places To Hit On Your Weekend Outing In The Old Port Maine?

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All ears and here to help hunt and peck with photos and videos places in Maine to explore. Lucky to live in Maine and proud of the state where folks are friendlier, neighborly, more helpful in part due to lower population and tighter connections. Maine small towns are really like large families. Get to Maine. Feel up close and personal and where you belong up in Maine!

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