Finding your way home to Maine.

Where you live now and why? Where have you lived, where you think you would like to hang your hat next?

Just where is home, is it Maine?

Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood and a host of other musicians create the musical statement and the being stuck, “can’t find my way home.”

What fuels the need for “home” and what is missing when you are stayed away too long? Or you know you are way way too far from home. Musicians on the road in rock bands know what missing home feels like. If you are on a whirlwind gazillion city tour around the World. Where you played last night, where you will be on stage taking care of business again tonight is not so crystal clear.

More Wildlife Than People. Your Move To Maine Is Often To Get Away From Crowds Of People.

In my real job listing and selling Maine real estate the search for a home in Maine, property in Vacationland is a strong one.

Folks from around the globe are on the move. Some for work advancement, others to locate a safe place to raise a family. Your lifestyle pursuits, what you like to do for fun when you pause and refresh makes Maine a perfect glass slipper fit.

grand victorian home in maine
Finding Your Way Hiome In Maine. Is A Victorian House The Goal?

For many, the crystal clear Maine waterways, the lack of lots of people and the traffic jams they create all point in the direction of Maine.

Your move to Maine, leaving wherever you call home by putting it in the rear view mirror. Takes lots of courage. Plenty of faith. To pick a place, pack up and move to Maine is easier when you sell a property and pocket lots of cash. To be in a position to buy a home in Maine outright. Living mortgage free, look mom, no house payments.

The cost of living in rural Maine is way lower.

Wages if you are working to make ends meet are smaller too just like the house prices. It is all relative but more than the cost of the Maine house itself, the community spirit that permeates around the four walls, roof and floor are key considerations. Where to live, why to move and when is the best time to put your exit strategy into motion?

lake home in Maine
Finding Your Way Home To A Maine Lake Home. Is That’s Just The Ticket You Want To Purchase To Get To Maine?

Often kids in school delay the relocation to Maine. Or an elderly parent that needs you close by can make the move to Maine a recurring dream that stays on the drawing board. Maybe Maine. Someday.

Vacations to Maine are the temporary fix.

maine lighthouses
What’s It Like Living In Maine? Owning A Simple Maine Camp Means Lots Of Vacations First To Find Out.

Those Maine vacations are the reason why not Maine happens inside a person to consider this state so far north it should be in Canada.

When it is time to move and the how to do it best is tied very tightly to how’s the real estate market at your current house address? Real estate is way more than the three locations mantra everyone recites and knows by heart. Today, more than ever it is timing, timing, timing.

kids at maine camp
All Ages Love Going Up To A Maine Camp. Pets Too!

Sure, many want to move to Maine.

But can they? Pull it off.

Sell their old home in wherever is “there” to buy “here”.

maine sunrises maine sunsets
Maine Sunrises, Maine Sunsets. Collect And Enjoy More Of Those In Your New Year 2022.

Short term rents come into play in the where you want to live today shuffle finding your way home to Maine.

Getting a job. Heck two or three part time jobs. Whatever it takes. Or bringing your work online remote employment with you. Making ends meet. Paying the bills. Funding the costly move from here to there all comes at a price. You gotta be sure. The stakes are high and time’s a wastin’. But it hard tellin’ not knowin’. You gotta be sure.

parked in the barn
Parked In The Last Stall Of A Maine Barn. Folks Forced To Live Trapped, Contained Outside Of Maine. They Can’t Seem To Find Their Way Home To Maine.

If you have “issues” where you live now, some soul searching is needed to figure out what’s the real problem.

Where does it hurt and why. Gotta an itch to fix? Don’t move to Maine to “fix” things that follow you here. It is not other people that control all your happiness and despair. The inner attitude and who to blame, how to correct and your life expectations have to be true and realistic.

I have witnessed first hand folks buying a Maine home, and doing an about face less than a year later.

Packing up to relocate again and again. Making the move one more time continuously searching for something missing. Fuel by the anxiety of FOMO. Fear of missing out. Life is passing by and closing in just intensifies the “I’m screwing up my life royally”. Desperation is an awful way station to be parked at full of worry and wondering what’s next.

mooers farm in houlton me
A Peek Of The Blogger’s Homestead Where Sheep Graze On A Fall Afternoon In Northern Maine’s Aroostook County.

Often what is missing is inside and the key to the lock binding the chains and holding you back is within you.

Isn’t that an Eagles classic song?  Something about you can see the stars yet still not see the light? Already gone. No one wants to eat their lunch all by themselves.


Moving to Maine, way easier if it is just you, yourself and I. Or a couple, a partnership of two. When there are lots of kids in the mix, where they are in school, are they in a relationship, are they where they should be takes consideration. Moving to new areas is healthy if done for the right reasons and when the time is right.

Moving to Maine. Ever stop and wonder why not? What’s holding or pulling you back, what’s pushing you forward? The motto is “Maine, the way life should be”.

maine country living home
Find Your Way Home In Maine. Trading In The Crowded City For Country Living.

Finding your way home to Maine.

Tell me about the area. Show me around the local surroundings in the nooks and crannies of Maine. Full time, local native Mainer. I’ll give you the local insider guide tips and all the simple living in Maine list of short cuts. Thank you for reading and following our Me In Maine blog posts. Here to help when the time is right on your end. It starts with asking lots of questions, getting the answers and doing your “homework”.

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