Maine. The Fun Is Outdoors Year Round

snowshoeing in maine
Living in Maine

Snowshoeing Maine Trails

Snowshoeing Maine trails, one more winter outdoor option. Strapping on a pair of snowshoes, zipping up the jacket, pulling on a pair of warm gloves or mittens. Hitting the snowshoe

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quoggy jo ski center
Aroostook County

Small Maine Downhill Ski Areas

Small Maine downhill ski areas. Quoggy Jo Ski Center Presque Isle Maine is one in Aroostook County. Family friendly, low cost Maine ski areas turn winter snow into outdoor fun.

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houlton maine aroostook county
Living in Maine

Maine Colleges, University Campus Tours

Maine colleges, university campus tours. Have you tooled around any Maine higher education options lately? With COVID19, the Maine college and university tours still happen just in an abbreviated fashion.

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new england outdoor center
Maine Snowmobiling

Mini Vacations In Maine

Mini vacations in Maine. During COVID, the ability to venture up into Maine has been tougher on some states than others. I always remind anyone planning to cross the big

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