Why people move to Maine?

How long do you have to talk about the long list of reasons for a Maine relocation? The fresh air, clean water, wide open space, low cost real estate and more elbow room is a big part of it. Being able to have peace and quiet and live in unspoiled, under populated surroundings smack dab surrounding by Nature is huge.

This blog post is more show them, rather than tell them about Maine.

If you’ve sampled a few Me In Maine blog posts, you know the focus is anything about Vacationland. Maine, just Maine all four seasons, every corner of the state is fair game for another blog post. Before some Maine images that say way more than a wall of words can, remember it’s not just what the state offers. More than the warmth of the small town rural Maine hospitality.

What people are leaving is pushing hard just as much as these images, community videos and blog posts is driving the big move to Maine.

So folks are ready, this move to Maine is not a spur of the moment idea that pops into one’s head. The relocation, the growing ready to go builds and festers inside a person thanks to earlier Maine vacation trips. These folks know there is somewhere better, more enjoyable than a sea of unknown faces. The crowd have been looking for a place to head and leave where they now live in their rear view mirror.  The carrot is simple living in Maine. And all that approach to day to day living provides a person who is way more involved in small Maine town living. And ends up gleaning way more because of it.

So let’s start out with a few community videos of living in Maine that highlight why I love where I call home.


Let’s weave in some Maine photos.

maine blueberry rakers
Hard Work Raking Maine Blueberries On The Barrens.
byyourself fishing maine lake
By Yourself Fishing A Maine Lake At Dusk. Welcome To Maine.
maine lighthouse
Never Get Tired Of Maine Lighthouses. There Are Over 60 Of Them!
portland maine old port
Maine Only Has A Handful Of Cities. Over 400 Small Rural Towns Like Portland’s Old Port Above.
maine's mount katahdin
Maine’s Mt Katahdin Is Almost A Mile High. Surrounded Like A Ring’s Center Stone By Lots Of Other Less Publicized Hill Top Trails To Hike And Explore.
maine pasture field
Maine Farm Pasture Field Of Red, White Clover And Wild Flowers.
maine costal boat photo
Which Boat Is Yours Parked On The Maine Harbor Coastal Harbor Town Public Wharf?



Why people move to Maine.

Lots of what we have, plenty of what we don’t that folks are running away from that city living dishes out around the clock. Hope heavy on the images, the community flavor videos do all the heavy living sending out the reasons people want to live here in Maine.

Thank you for following our Me In Maine blog posts. Lots of images of Maine sprinkled and seasoned through all the previous blog posts and future ones to give you idea of what’s it like here.

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