Maine colleges, university campus tours.

Have you tooled around any Maine higher education options lately? With COVID19, the Maine college and university tours still happen just in an abbreviated fashion. You don’t get to see as much of the campus and stay clear of crowded university areas. It is important to find the best fit for the next educational step in a young adult’s life. Going to a Maine college or university campus tour soon?  Too expensive from lots of angles not to do your “homework” before landing up in the wrong place. No reason to wait, cram and pull an “all nighter” right?

college university maine tours
Picking The College Or University Campus In Maine Means Touring Them One By One.

No cafeterias during meal time on your cruise, everything taken in from a safe distance in the college and university Maine campus tours.

Long list of questions, signing off and temperature taking protocol in place on your college tour which eats into the tour time. The one on one campus experience shared with student enrolled at the Maine college or university is so worthwhile. You are not part of a big herd where the folks upfront heard that last answer, the next question. More personable and scheduled like clockwork these days on college, university campus tours in Maine these days.

snow mountian ski area
Parked, Refreshing, Taking A Break From The Maine Ski Slopes. It’s A Hard Life.

Then it is on to crunching the expense numbers for any of your Maine college or university campus tours locations. When the nitty gritty talking with the admission’s office personnel happens on the college campus  tour.

Many Maine high school seniors have lots of college credits from completed courses.

Taken before entering whichever higher education location in Maine gets selected. You just hope the college study hours are transferable at whatever school you end up attending for the sheepskin diploma.

How many college or university freshman know exactly what they want to do for work in life?

And since you attended a Maine college or university, how much have they each changed? Remote learning got a hard rear kick in the pants since COVID19 came to town. To see and compare, you have to do Maine college, university campus tours.

How tech advanced the college or university is matters a lot more these days. And vital stats on who has the best cafeteria food, is near a ski area or other recreational venue. Where’s the best night life, what’s the ratio of men to women, everything gets discussed.

Who had the best live concerts back when you could put that many people together under one roof or o one playing field? The best sports team record gets lots of press and adds to the appeal. All that enters into where today’s student decides to attend for a slew of reasons.

You are not going to avoid having a little fun while in the four plus or minus year higher educational bubble right?

Were you one that knew early on that this was the best career choice fit for you?

Did you plan to learn more and then double back to apply it all working in a family business? It can be scary when you know you need a college, university degree but just not sure in what field of study. The high cost for a Maine two or four or more year college or university education. That only increases the nervous level in students and parents partnering up to pay it all back.

Had four kids of my own that went on to college and remember that experience of visiting campuses, working hard to improve SAT scores.

The study of FAFSA (free application for federal student aid) and setting up Next Gen 529 college accounts in Maine created at birth and funded religiously. As the two girls, two boys approached the college and university education mode of their living and learning for the brave new World ahead of them. The number of siblings in college or university in one family at the same time can help when the FAFSA  folks do the number crunching for student aid.

One daughter went to Columbia, another to Simmons. The oldest son to George Washington and the youngest to Colorado College.

Colorado College Ice Breaking Introduction For Students, Their Parents Too That Tag Along To Orientation.


It used to be that if your high school student finished number one or two in their class, then free attendance, no cost for college or university happened IF you stayed in Maine.

I went to UMO where my Dad, two brothers attended. Now many kids would never ever want to go the same place their parents did for some reason. Great to look at college and universities campus tours all over creation but how are you going to pay for it? How big are the loans you carry for years after the experience stops and real World happens? I see lots of folks forced to rent longer. Because the educational payments and student debt drag them down. Too much debt means no room for a house payment according to the debt ratio analysis.

Maine colleges and university grant large subsidies in merit based scholarships.

Maintaining a 4.0 grade point average (GPA) enables a good chunk of the tuition bill to be eliminated. Add in work study if your student qualifies and need based financial aid. And the cost of college or university gets a further bottom line reduction.

Dual enrollment in high school or online local college courses taken in Maine’s gear up program saves thousands of dollars for many students. Already having a year or more of college course credits under your belt. That gives the student a major leg up in reducing the time and expanse of higher education. So did CLEPing classes which my kids did to get some of the credits earned early before starting the Maine college, university campus tours.

Over the over the last couple months, trips to the University of Maine at Orono, Husson and Thomas College have been going on. In depth study of the business programs of all three have been different.

How hard the college or university recruits and why in the form of letters, cards, socks, masks, t-shirts, knapsacks, pens, key chains, lanyards shows how hard the fishing is. The constant contact shows sincere interest. That the higher education recruiting show goes on full tilt despite the pandemic creating the need to be more creative in the information gathering.

Sabra talked with recent graduates of the three colleges and universities under consideration. The faculty one on one talks were very inspiring as she considers the best pick for a college or university. It helps her feel ready for the next life challenge as her senior year winds down. Competition for students is not just based on grades.

Being a good soccer and basketball player has caused local high school coaches to make an effort to reach out to her after games.

To casually recommend going here or there where they hope she would suit up to play on whichever Maine college or university campus tour team is being promoted. Not just the campus tour

maine high school soccer
Dangling, Handling The Ball To Advance Up The Maine High School Soccer Field!

The best education is not just in the four year Maine college or university bubble.

I was lucky to have known in high school what I wanted to do. Broadcasting at the age of fourteen working at a local radio station owned by Howdie Doody of early black and white television fame. That’s where my head was at and planning to work my way up the broadcast ladder and seeing a future working in bigger markets out of state.

Being able to work in the Bangor Maine broadcasting market during college was financially and educationally rewarding.

The degree in broadcasting and journalism was valuable from the University of Maine at Orono campus. But living in a fraternity house, the college experience and hands on working in the real World commercial setting. Besides classes, all that was part of the take away experience. When I was at UMO, the Alfond Ice Arena was just being built! The Black Bears hockey team went higher higher getting into the frozen four national play. RIP Shawn Walsh the coach lost too early to kidney cancer that took the UMO hockey program on a heck of a ride.

small town maine sports
Sports In Small Maine Towns Starts Early, Carries On Into College, University Studies.

Not everyone knows what they want to do the rest of their life before heading off to college.

Before committing to lots of educational loans to earn a college or university degree in whatever field, you need a plan Stan. Hitting Governor’s Restaurant in Old Town for the hot dog blue plate and a blizzard shake, shopping for convenience items at Wadleigh’s Market. Creating a pretty amazing vegetable garden at University Park. It was not all walking to eight o’clock class, to the library nightly to study. Where it was lots quieter than being in a UMO fraternity house.

Living in the Bangor Maine area for six years through college and being year round full time on 370 College Ave Orono ME at Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE).

And then a spell at University Park apartments were worthwhile in shaping the direction of life. Sampling another area of Maine broadens your perspective and every region of Vacationland is a little different than the another.

Maine Welcomes You.
Bangor Maine’s Paul Bunyan Says Welcome!

As it turned out, the getting married, thinking about starting a family changed the dream of leaving Maine and advancement in a broadcasting career. Raising kids outside of Maine did not seem the best for the family. So shifting to get a Maine real estate broker’s license right out of college became the fork in the road.

The early media training and writing blog posts and creating videos all helped the ever changing Maine real estate operations.

Working in radio at WABI, WLBZ, WACZ and running camera for Eddie Driscoll and the six o’clock news at channel 2 was fun and educational. Bill Green, Eddie Owen, George Hale, Mighty John Marshall were all Maine broadcasting influences too.

Early Maine Radio Announcer
WABM, Eventually WHOU Radio In Houlton Maine Broadcast Studio Image. Everything Was Live, Local In Black & White.

Being raised on a farm in Maine did not hurt either.

Exposed to hard work and stick with it training through all kinds of ups and down agricultural markets helped season and weather me. The education never stops and I don’t care what field or endeavor you find your groove in. Everyday that career is reinvented to stay fresh, fun, pertinent.

What’s your purpose in life, where is your education taking you? Technology in the information society has lessen the need for more of one field. While opening up lots of new exciting ones to consider for young minds to lack on to and run with hard. Is your job just a way to pay the bills? Is there fire in your belly and passion in what you do? Maine colleges, university campus tours! Been awhile since you did a one? Even where you may have gone does not look anything like you remember it if it has been awhile.

Is volunteering and helping others in service work something that excites you in your community? In Maine, lots of personal satisfaction is found at work and volunteer efforts. Plus we live in Maine, four seasons of lots of fresh air, clean recreational water and safe friendly S-P-A-C-E.

farm buildings on maine farm
The Maine Barn Like The Fort With All The Other Farm Buildings Surrounding It. Where I Grew Up And Still Own Today In Houlton ME!

A lot of the kids I went to college with in Maine that were from out of state ended up staying here after they got out.

The college and university experience outside of their higher education class room study was everything Maine offers. Maine, the way life should be for lots of reasons.

What do you want to be when you grow up or do you plan to ever stop learning and become an old fuddy dud? Not me. In small Maine communities there is always plenty to do pitching in and helping out at work or play. Small towns in Maine are home grown and hands on volunteering strong. Because the money to hire it all done would not be half as rewarding. Plus it just is not there in the local budgets to fund the many small struggling Maine communities.

The coronavirus has helped make folks stop and consider are they were they want to live.

Maybe where they call home was the best option at one time but maybe not anymore. I believe instead of our children being the greatest export to look for good jobs, that the Internet is changing things.

Instead of eight out of ten folks living in a city. Because that is where the jobs are, the option to work remotely with online jobs is stopping the leak. The turmoil and uproar of the past year’s media coverage of the World’s events. Lots of noises and hubbub has made many consider where to go and maybe Maine works best. Thank you for following our Me In Maine blog posts.

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