Moving to Maine, how’s the real estate market?

You are not alone if Maine is on your where do I want to live now radar. The thought of of picking up lock, stock and barrel and relocating to Maine may be on your mind. These days especially, folks are looking for down to Earth family values and seeking our communities that provide quality of life. COVID19 and the Maine real estate market, the pandemic just added fire to what was already happening.

moving to maine kayaking
Time To Paddle On A Bottle Smooth Glassy Maine Lake. One Reason To Move To Maine.

The virus with the number accelerated the hunt for someplace where social distancing is easy.

Less people, more space and all this four season outdoor living. It easily makes Maine a top contender answering the where do we want to move next for quality of life question.

Maine is clean air, fresh water and not crowded.

The real estate is low cost and affordable housing happens all day long in rural Maine communities. Land to enjoy space, the same ground affords planting and harvesting good wholesome food. Or land is used for a life style and explored in recreational pursuits.

The attitude in Maine is tread lightly.

Easy does it. Respect the environment and pass on your property in at the very least as good but hopefully better than you received it. Mainers are good stewards and when using the trails across the land of others they realize it is a privilege not a right.

Respect operates round the clock and on the national scene today what’s broadcast does not mirror that simple Maine living theme. There is fear and anger and sensing something is seriously out of whack.

When you are surrounded by lots of land, the urge to roam and discover Maine nature is easy.

Especially when the low or no Maine population factor is figured in. Freedom, recreational trails, hills and mountains to hike. Ponds, rivers, lakes and streams to paddle, fish, swim or wade in happens. No parking problems or expense. Less waiting around in lines. Keeping your wallet in your back pocket or down in your purse. Everything does not have dollar signs attached living simply in Maine. Life is hands on and less hired out up here in the Pine Tree state. Is life like that where you hang your hat now?

So big step, moving to Maine.

moving to maine for outdoor living
Outdoor Living, The Space. The Biggest Reason To Move To Maine Is For Personal Space.

It often starts slow and small. Just a couple acres of Maine land is purchased.

The land used for low cost vacations for now. But in time, life events like retirement or just an itch to move from an urban area kick in. To make the once in awhile used recreation Maine land become something more. Either full time in the move to Maine or part time when you spend half your days here, the other half somewhere else. When you move to Maine whole hog and make Vacationland your zip code after living in a higher priced one, you are headed in the right financial direction. The move to Maine. Using the one 207 area code, and often with plenty of money left over from your out of state real estate sale.

How’s the real estate market in Maine today?

Strong. Because to own and enjoy some it is so much lower cost to buy real estate today in Maine. Part it is the long hike up the pike that insulates us. And part is due to the fact we have more wildlife than people. Vacationland is not spoiled or over commercialized. We safely parked up in the corner of the country. Like a thumb stuck up and almost in Canada. Like the other states of Alaska and Hawaii, kinda by ourselves and out of the cross fire of day to day ups and downs.

Moving to Maine
Space Where You Can Hear Yourself Think. Maine Is Outdoor Four Seasons Natural Beauty.

The Maine people are friendly, helpful, hardworking.

That’s the best treat that comes with the Maine real estate purchase. The further up into Maine and away from the expensive coastline, the cheaper the price and more property you get. The best value for Maine real estate is found in the small town living experience where the population is four thousand or less.

Telecommuting to work online remotely at your cyber office job means bring your employment with you can happen.

Internet broadband connectivity is the number one questions from those in the Maine real estate audience that depend on tethered or wireless connections to the copper, glass strand or through thin air. Pack up your job and bring it along. The Internet over the last thirty years sure has changed our I list, market, sell Maine real estate. It’s helped the move to Maine possible when before it was not in the cards.

Low crime, no pollution, no gangs, no drive by shootings, no traffic. Maine.

The big attraction in the move to Maine is not just the salty sea air, the steamed lobster, baked potato, fresh blueberry pie. The scenery is drop dead gorgeous. Money to enjoy Maine is not the end all and having lots to just survive is not necessary. Real estate is not the only item that costs less. Insurance on what you buy is lower, just like the premium on what you drive. Less crime, lower property values all reduce the need for lots of green stuff to spend. We don’t spend money like drunken sailors. Kids are taught to manage it better and see their parents doing the same. All circles around the respect approach to living life in Maine.

hiking a maine mountain
Hiking, Climbing Maine Mountains Gets Kids Off The Couch, Away From The Boob Tube.

Respect Nature, enjoy the four seasons around us and easy does it on the spending.

To prepare for setbacks that will happen right on schedule ahead. More do it yourself and developing a skill set to avoid being highly dependent on others to help you through life. We pitch in and volunteer and make being in a small Maine community worthwhile for our families and others around us. Positive not negative is the atmosphere all of us strive for to enjoy life not simply endure it until “The End”. Moving to Maine, lots of folks are soul searching that topic these days.

Pure and natural is big attraction and major positive change for many who have gone without it for far too long. But what we don’t have, that long list of what you don’t want all adds into the decision to move to Maine. Maine’s low population makes traffic, crime, pollution and heavy layers of building regulations go away. Common sense still rules the day. We strive to make our days worthwhile and fruitful and a lot it is simply worth ethic. Lessons learned in the woodlot, out on the back forty farm field or in the barn.

wicked witch of the west maine home
A Wicked Witch Of The West Spent Summers Hear. Maine Cast A Spell On Margaret Hamilton. Who Also Pushed Coffee Not Just Flew Blooms And Terrorized Dorothy, Her Little Dog Toto Too.

Running a small business, maybe on the docks or the skipper of a fishing boat off the coast of Maine.

Or making a living sharing the experience with tourists sampling Maine on their vacations. Simple living, hard work, not needing a lot to be content. Isn’t that the best approach to life when you reduce it all down and stop trying to keep up with the Jones’s or what highly effective marketing tries to convince you that you need and lack?

Many move and relocate to Maine in retirement.

To replace the forty hour work week with close to the same amount of time spent differently. Their days and nights split between relaxation and volunteering in their new Maine community. Moving to Maine is not just for the space, the lower cost real estate. It’s a whole new lifestyle that is thrown into the mix when you move to Maine.

moving to maine
Moving To Maine, You Ready For Some Of This?

How’s the real estate market in Maine?

Are you in moving to Maine mode? Good time to list and sell in definitely a seller’s real estate markets outside of Maine. Healthy, vibrant and listing sales fast and furious is the temperature of hot real estate sales in Maine. You get more for less in Maine. The real estate market sales are up because so many folks don’t like where they live now outside of Maine for lots of very good reasons. And Maine real estate buyers are able to sell for top dollar, often over list price because of bidding wars with multiple buyers. Maine. I admit it, I am spoiled and feel so lucky to live in Maine full time. Thank you for following our Me In Maine blog posts!

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