Maine bees, the busy buzz pollinating benefits to flower enthusiasts and vegetable farming.

There are over 270 native Maine bee species in the state. Honey bees are not native to Maine and European settlers introduced them to what is now affectionately dubbed “Vacationland”.

maine flowers bees
Outdoor Flower Arrangements. The Best Kind For All To See. For Maine Bees To Enjoy Too!

Honey bees, bumble bees and roughly 4000 solitary bee populations reside in Maine and are some kind of busy.

Making the rounds, these bees pollinate agricultural crops, vegetable and flower garden plots. All plants found in the wilds of Maine fields and woodlands. The Maine pasture field clover, daisies, black eyed susans, lupines and Indian paint brush wildflowers. All those wild flowers get a shot in the arm from Maine bees making their daily rounds.

Parasitic mites reduced the Maine honey bee populations by twenty five percent. Pesticides, herbicides, insecticides used incorrectly have further threatened the bee population so important to local Maine farming pollination.

Bees pollinating Maine farm crops and producing honey and wax is an important state endeavor.

bees visiting maine flowers
Like The Mail Man Or UPS Gal, Making Lots Of Stops. Maine Bees Are BUZZZ-sy.

This University of Maine Cooperative Extensive Bee bulletin outlines why bees are so important. Also your Maine property can be made more inviting to the bee population and to increase pollination activity. Read more on how to make your yard more bee friendly.

The work of Maine bees helps others out in the natural wildlife setting too.

Flowering plants, shrubs and trees create seeds and fruit, vegetables for other wildlife to live. In their daily flights, bees, birds, hummingbirds, dragon flies, butterflies and moths all help distribute the important pollen around the Mane plant population.

I was always told as a kid by my parents, older brothers bees don’t want to sting you and just leave them alone.

The fuzzy bumble bee dressed like a Boston Bruin hockey player trapped and buzzing in the rear car

bee pollinating in maine
Attracting Maine Bees, Inviting Them To Your Flower Beds.

window of a parked vehicle when you are little can make getting away from them a little harder. Fear to happen. But respect and helping them get out of a building, a vehicle instead of using spray or something else to kill them was something I was taught growing up on a Maine farm. We needed Maine bees. They like the potato beetle that ate an aphid that was no good was our friend!

Planting a mix of flower shapes knowing bees have different size tongues, using perennials that bloom yearly is not a bad approach to encouraging pollination, honey production of the sweet nectar.

Hand broadcast those meadow in a can flower seed collections. Scientists report bees like best vegetation loaded with blue, yellow, purple flowers. Lots of hand broadcast wild flowers with these colors and

maine bumble bees
Maine Honey Bees, Bumble Bees, Lots Of Buzz Flying Around Rural Maine.

planted in abundance will help assure visits from bees that do so much good to the Maine environment.

More from the USDA Natural Conservation Service education and funding to promote farmer help for pollinators like Maine bees are.

They report one of our every three mouthful bites of food in this country are thanks to the work honey bee pollinators do.

Learn more about honey bees and their benefits spreading pollen to fertilize other plants, for collecting nectar.

Here’s another video that shows even more up close and personal what Maine honey bee do each day and why.

You have a whole new level of respect for Maine bee pollination and how they can transport up to a third their weight in their busy day.

To take the bee pollen trapped on their body and to carry the honey nectar nibbling on flowers and loaded it up for the quick trip back to the bee hive.

The Maine State Bee Keepers Association established in Maine back in 1976.

Get social. Like the Maine State Bee Keepers Association Facebook page. And Google “Maine Bees“.

maine wildflowers bees buzzing
What’s All The Buzz? Eye Candy And Bee Honey Extraction.

Sometimes it is good not to mind your bees wax.

Growing up on a Maine farm, with potato blossoms to pollinate and a Mom who had three different flower gardens, bees were around our family. The white and purple potato flowers with the bright yellow, hard to miss parts were popular with the local bee population.

The apple orchard, rhubarb patch, the strawberry and corn fields all depended on the Maine bee visits.

The all natural honey sweetness is better for you than sugar. The health benefits of pure Maine bee honey was known and it was part of our medicine cabinet along with cold liver oil, coke syrup, salt water for soaking wherever we were sore. Lots of other simple ailment remedies to get us back on our feet used growing up on a Maine farm up in Aroostook County.

More on the health benefits of Maine honey. The antioxidants help lower high blood pressure, diabetics are cheerleaders of Maine bee honey too.

Are you fan of Maine honey and the bees that produce it?

maine potato farm blossoms
Maine Farm Fields Buzzing With Bees Collecting Nectar, Pollinating The Acreage.

Before we know it, the birds, bees in Maine spring will be active as the season changes.

Maine bees. Pure and all natural honey from Maine. Is it a big part of your daily life in what you eat, in how your protect as a good Maine stewards of the land? Do you think about protecting Maine bees and their natural habitat? Like the song birds, the Maine bees would be missed greatly if their buzz was gone. Thank you for stopping by the Maine blog post to bone up on your knowledge of Maine bees.

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