Maine is a big, spread out, sparsely populated state. And on the glossy four color tri-fold tourism brochures, the description of life in Maine is pretty skimpy.

maine small town community bands
Local Musicians, Community Bands In Small Maine Towns. See What You Are Missing By Not Traveling Deeper Up Into Maine! “Cover Me, I’m Going Up And In To Experience More” Should Be Your Plan!

So so much is left out of the discussion. The introduction to Maine’s local lay of the land landscape and how things rock and roll on a daily basis is an interesting tale. But being here in Maine to witness it first hand is the magic. Much is missing online to glean from and to use to piece together the intricate details. To spread the word about this neat place called Maine.

welcome to maine
Take Your Time! Welcome… We Really Mean It In Maine. Come On Up… Way Way Up And See It All. Not Just The Southern Tip. There Is So So Much More!

Our small numbers of Maine people is what makes the area special. The unspoiled wide open space of a natural four season beauty like Maine is appealing.

But less folks, more home grown Mom and Pop business enterprises pushing the tourism levers keeps it low key and not highly spun. It takes money and time to send up the informational marketing flares around the Internet and in the print or broadcast media.

So when someone asks the loaded question “tell me what it is like in Maine”, a few queries pointed the other way helps cut to the chase.

To determine what they are looking for in their visit or relocation to Maine, what they don’t like about where they live now that they are hoping to leave behind in the rear view mirror. The reasons people come to Maine are many. But the definition of quality of life and how you want to spend your free recreational time best is not the same for every grasshopper. But small Maine towns are where it is at to feel comfortable, up close and personal.

Get to know the local residents in small Maine towns.

maine seacoast sand beach
Maine Is Sand, Sun, Water But A Lot More. Go Deeper, See What You Are Missing Being On A Leash Only Getting Into The Southern Tip Region Of Maine. You Are Missing Out By Not Exploring Further North Up Into The State!

The folks who live in small Maine communities are deeply rooted and not shy about telling you all the reasons why they live in Vacationland. Out spoken and a tad dry or blunt makes what’s on the mind of a local Mainer refreshingly real and honest. It is usually said in a colorful, humorous way to prove a point. They will share the local history, include you in local traditions, help point you in the best direction for over the top food and fun.

The expression lingo, the cuisine, the what do you do for fun lifestyle is not quite the exact same. Depending on the village, plantation, small Maine town you find yourself lucky to be driving into to check it out slowly, be prepared for a pleasant surprise.

Because Maine is big to travel and access all the areas offer, the limiting factor to the experience is the sound of the ticking clock. Time eaten up getting up and quickly thinking about heading back hurts the take away. It limits getting beyond Portland and the beaches around Wells, Old Orchard, Kennebunkport.

It is awful easy to think Maine ends shortly after your rear tires leave the bump bump of the expansion joint on the big green bridge on the southern tip.

But that near Eliot, Kittery barely into Maine is the region that gets the press because the money to grease the marketing mixed in with the editorial content is closest to the population centers around Boston and beyond.

maine winter snow scene
Mainers Are Trained How To Tame The Snow Of A Maine Winter. We Put Snow In It’s Place And Life Goes On Without Missing A Beat Or Shedding A Tear Of Lament. Thank You Maine Highway Crews For What You Do To Clear, Salt, Patrol Our Extensive Network Of Roads.

But when you decide to press deeper into interior, northern, eastern sections of Maine you feel the change. The traffic on the highways starts to drop off. The stars get brighter at night, the lakes and rivers are less crowded with folks sampling them on vacation or long weekends. There is less commercial man made and more all natural four season pure and simple.

The pay for your fun option is replaced with just pack a picnic and a tent.

Bring your canoe or kayak. Lace up your hiking shoes or hop on a bike, a pair of boards to glide cross country or down a fresh layer of new fallen snow. Don’t leave your camera home and pack for any weather in Maine. Head into the woods, hit the rec trails, see the farming way of life in bustling small Maine town surroundings. But push yourself to see more, collect more experience in different Maine locations during your life time.

You can enjoy the richness of the down to Earth in Maine. You get real home grown one of a kind and not store bought same old same old if you factor in a little more driving time. To good deeper and for spending time in a new undiscovered area new to you. For spending vacation leisure time without any time constraint leash limits within the big state of Maine’s long boundary line borders.

Or you might take it a step further for the two nation vacation. Maine has a rich Atlantic Canada Maritime province history to tap into and share. Remember Maine herself alone is six hours plus tall and when you get off Interstate 95 to cris-cross up the northeastern winding coastal routes or decide to head to places like say Jackman or Estcourt Station or Vanceboro, better provide for some extra time. Lots of it. To not just go to these neat places in Maine but to actually be able to spend your vacation exploring them. Hanging around to spend some time. To get to know wildlife and Mother Nature. Without the big expense that sets us back and takes away from the experience sampling Maine.

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