Being cold is never something Mainers desire and heating, cooling your home takes money.

Making the Maine home more efficient to stay warm to to be cool means study. To see what heating assistance programs, what weatherization funding in Maine the home owner or apartment renter, the landlord qualifies for today. This blog post is designed to help folks living in Maine find out ways to improve the living space and to have money left over normally shelled out to heating or cooling a residence.

Maine Is Four Seasons.
Four Seasons, Sometimes One Ends Quickly In Maine.

For the home owner, the one in Maine that does not qualify for any state funding, there are still a slew of things to do to make the house tighter.

Without being so wrapped tight that mold or moisture becomes a problem. Maine has older housing stock. Here is a link on making your older Maine home warmer, easier to heat in winter. If you are building a new home, wonder about tax credits available to those that utilize certain practices, here is another helpful Maine weatherization link.

Home energy heating assistance, what is the income guideline for a helping hand with the heating?

Growing Up, Living In Maine.
Maine Winter Fun Playing Outside, Red Cheeks, Fresh Air Filling The Lungs.

Study the income eligibility numbers for household incomes to qualify in Maine. Help with the high cost of winter heating expenses is critical but even more so is funding for weatherizing Maine homes. Because anything done for a renter or low income home owner to make their living space more energy efficient improves the household bottom line.

Money left over after paying the monthly household expenses is a beautiful thing. So is being warm as toast and not feeling drafts, being cold.

My oldest brother Stephen worked for years heading up the Penquis CAP weatherization program. I am proud of how well he utilized the government funding programs on the federal, state, county levels to tighten up homes and to improve the bottom line on energy costs to make them more comfortable. Have you ever had a home energy audit in your Maine household? It is reported that Maine homes are two to three times as leaky as building science standards thinks they should be.

Maine Is Not A State Flush With Cash To Pay High Property Taxes, Life Expenses.
Maine, Working Hard To Live Simply, Pay Your Bills.

Maine Weatherization to tighten up drafty homes, to add insulation and to improve energy efficiency heating them helps reduce poverty.

Because money wasted on heating a Maine home means less available for other expenses like good nutrition, for quality of life, for peace of mind having a nest egg of savings! Feathering your nest to make it home sweet home.

Do you have some home heating assistance plans to make whatever roof is over your head more comfortable and to increase energy efficiency? Tightening up a home in Maine is an on going task and we make it a game to be warm as cheaply as possible.

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