The state of Maine soap box derby race is held in Houlton ME and this year’s running is June 16th, 2018.

June 2nd the derby crew held a tech day and hands on session for new drivers and their support team. The trail runs, the yearly state of Maine soap box derby race, any spring or fall rallies are held on Derby Hill at Community Park. Families looking to gain experience and points for their derby racers flock to the Maine rallies for spirited competition. Some rally races are held under the lights too!

maine soap box derby racing
Soap Box Derby Racing! On Tech Day, New Racers Learn How To Set Their Cars Up, To Take A Few Trail Runs Down Derby Hill!

The Derby Hill is a specially built over 800′ paved two lane course with guardrails, a garage topside in case of rain and designed for an electronic eye timer at the bottom run out.

This soap box derby race course is 8 to 17 years of age  drivers who build a kit car and want to compete.

The winner of heats from brackets outlining who races who advances up the pairings to determine who will represent the local and our state in the big World Series of racing out at Derby Downs. The site for the All American Soap Box Derby started by in 1934 in Akron Ohio.

Here are some past videos for soap box derby racing to show how each year the weather, the size of he field, everything is a little big different.

It is a lot of fun, every racer shakes hands after each heat to keep it a good sportsmanship lesson. Kids learn about the mechanics of the derby race car and there is nothing I am told like “The Thrill Of The Hill!”

Like to race or know of someone that should be in this neat derby program?

The Houlton Maine soap box derby program started back in 1996 and is still going strong! It was the largest race city in the country five years running! And having our own engineered hill helps the derby keep from burning out the support team that is getting older!

Questions? Here to help! Reach out and will do my best as a past director of the race and with a few trips out to Akron under our family belt to be able to share the experience and tips. Get in, stay low, hang on and we have a green light up on topside. That means if drivers are ready, the launch lets the gate open up and the cars to roll with the help of gravity. Gravity, running the quickest line to the bottom, weights, alignment, a lot more goes into who wins the derby heat in soap box derby racing.

Learn more about the Maine State Race for soap box derby in Houlton ME.

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