I have a real job and it is not creating the Me In Maine blog post stream of news from up here in the upper right hand corner.

And the common theme I hear more than any is “get me out of the city, away from people.” Maine is a vast state and under nourished for population. The head count is low and the acreage of woods, farm land, water front is huge and unspoiled. Because the distance north protects and insulates the state of Maine.

Low Cost Property In Maine.
Why People Pick Maine For Low Cost Property, The Wide Open Space. Low Population, Less Folks To Bump Into And Bug You The #1 Reason Order Up Maine.

So other people. Why are they the problem for many?

Because folks need to take Dale Carnegie and learn to win friends and influence people? No. That’s not it because I meet lots of people in my day job of listing, market, selling Maine real estate. That are friendly, personable and not difficult to deal with…but throw these same people into grid lock living of a city. Add a dash of crime, an element of noise and feeling jammed in and watch out. Things heat up like the tempers and anxiety levels.

It is the same do or die, fight or flight situation as an animal backed into a tight corner exhibits. With teeth bared, its shackles up. The nice as punch, easiest going dog, cat, person becomes a caged animal wanting to break out at all costs. They snap. That is why people buy property in Maine. They can breathe, not worry about plowing into someone that invades their space. They also can own and enjoy it without debt. Everything you know divide by three, four living in small rural Maine.

The stress of living with too many people, way too much regulation and high cost of surviving the urban landscape.

It is the reason folks age prematurely from the stress. They are not happy and no matter how much they try to retail therapy their way out of it, something is missing. Something money can not buy. Maine is outdoor experiences, the ability to get below radar and away from people. To spend time with me, myself and I.

Maine Lake Photo, Low Population In Maine.
This Is Not The Landscape Where Too Many People Live. Maine Is Less Population, More Natural Unspoiled Space To Enjoy As You Take It Easy.

Had a call this week from China. Joe is from Chengdu and teaches English. I told him in a phone conversation it must be neat to be fluent in Chinese and he says he is never going to stop learning that language.

He spied with his little eye a low cost house, land, near a lake and on a brook for $12,500. He wants a place to vacation at least once a year with the plan to move here full time someday. He has traveled extensively, is from California originally and has a buddy from Wales who also teaches English in China.

There is lots of demand for help teaching English and folks on the streets of China when they hear English flock to it to practice the language.

To become more proficient with the plan for many to take a leap to the USA someday. The land of opportunity. A cheap place for Vacationland ME real estate and why people buy property in Maine.

But back to Joe. He also has another friend who writes and is looking for a backdrop to crank up the creative literary juices. I told him after college, I worked in broadcasting in Bangor Maine, and for a time at a station writer Stephen King owns. And if you digest any of his many books, Maine is a common setting with a twist on the places to add spark to the fiction of his works.

The time zone difference, knowing China does not spring forward or fall back to save on the time to match the calendar here in Maine.

A dozen hours, it was 11:30 at night there and 11:30 in the morning on the call as crystal clear as a bell with no delay or static. I have been sending him property video links and bring him up to speed on how things rock and roll in Maine. He likes what he sees, hears and is sharing in his cyber circle. Others connected to his sphere are reaching out from far away lands and the spinning blue and green marble is becoming smaller, more accessible to many.

maine cats in vegetation
Easy Does It, Everyone Is Not Strung Out, Including The Animals. Plenty Of Elbow Room, Living Space Does That! Get To Maine For A Sample.

The same day another phone call from St Barths, an Caribbean Island. The caller with a thick French accent, asking about a church for the same $12,500 price tag we must be running a special on in Maine real estate. So much for so little makes Maine a bargain for property listings and add the sauce surrounding it of eye candy, less people, more wildlife and the strong connection to get some real estate intensifies. It is why lots of our sweat and tears is poured into telling, showing the outside audience what Maine is like.

Another caller from Garmisch, Germany buzzed in through thin air of a wireless signal.

He told me the location in Bavaria, near Germany’s highest mountain was the site of the 1936 World Olympics. Evidently whoever picks the venue for the next global games  requires a certain size population. So Hitler anxious to be the host city combined Garmisch (in the west) and Partenkirchen (in the east). They had been two separate towns for many centuries, and still maintain quite separate identities. See link above on the location in Germany.

Have had a seller from England sell a home he bought from us to a purchaser from Ireland we located from one of our blog posts on simple Maine living. People move, look for a better location or just to sample a new part of the World. Traveling is easier today and folks have more disposable money to burn.

They don’t only come to the New Land riding in clipper ships, the Plymouth Rock models or the square back ones Chris Columbus navigated in search of rum, spices, real estate for the taking by planting a flag, for the fame and fortune. To go down in the history books as a remembered name echoed through time.

church for sale in maine
Church For Sale In Maine! $12,500! That Makes The Phone Ring, Email Server To Glow Hot Around The World.

One buyer from Seattle Washington has boat loads of blue chip software tech stock that went through the roof in value.

And did not want his four cats to ride on a commercial airline so he chartered a private Lear jet to whisk them away to Maine. I had to pick them up at the Houlton Maine airport and get the pilot and two other crew members a ride to a rental car place, to the check at a local motel.

The cost was $15,000 for the one way delivery of the felines and the pair of fly boys and stewardess were leaving the next day on touch down in Boston for the return back haul of a family heading to the west coast.

So back to the day job of peddling properties and will keep shooting images, uploading videos about life in Maine. The way life should be and a place where not many other areas of the World can compare.

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