Mention the word “Maine”, and here come the seacoast towns and beach regions that cause much of the audience excitement.

But ask for the show of hands to figure out the favorite section of sand or craggy rocked bound coastline of Maine and the results vary greatly. Because people are so different.

Kennebunkport Maine Tourist Vacations
Your Maine Vacation, Does It Involve Salt Air, The Sound Of Surf And Ocean Water?

The sound of the crashing surf, the smell of salt air and visuals when you are lucky enough to be on the ocean in Maine casts it’s lifelong spell.

And wherever you begin the time spent on the Maine coast, will probably be a spot on the map to revisit often through out the course of your life time. To check in with Andre the seal. Whatever the Kodak moment attraction.

Lots of fond memories with loved ones and the Maine beaches, lighthouses, sand and rock in the back drop is the main reason why.

The friendly, down to Earth folks that live in these areas and serve the tourists well is another for the come on back any time you can.

Maine is blessed with 228 miles of the ocean frontage.

Other states along the Atlantic coast line did not far so well. New Hampshire weighs in with 13, Massachusetts that Maine broke free from in 1820 has 192 miles worth.

The Wedding Cake House In Kennebunk Maine, One Of The Most Photographed Homes.
The Wedding Cake House In Kennebunk Maine, One Of The Most Photographed Homes.

Rhode Island treasures it’s 40 miles of coast line. Connecticut did not get any. New York promotes it’s 127, New Jersey next door pushes it’s 130 miles many ways. Delaware and Maryland are nip and tuck for waterfront bragging rights on ocean frontage with 28 and 31 respectively.

So back to Maine vacations, the where to go for a first time visit?

How much time do you have? How much do you want to spend for moolah if lodging at other than a state park or high tailing it inland to get the motel rates down to Earth?

For economical motel lodging along the Maine coast, in Kennebunport Maine you might look into Rhumb Line Resort.

If you got a big fat tax return or attended someone’s wedding, or your own, check in at The Colony in Kennebunkport Maine.

Kennebunkport Maine
The Property Values A Tad Higher, The Tax Assessments Approaching Nose Bleed In Kennebunkport Maine.

We have blogged about destination weddings in Maine used for the nuptial knot tying.

WARNING: The more expensive the wedding spread, the less smaller or any children at all get the invitation to pull up a chair around the linen topped, crystal and silver settings for multi course meal table.

(Hope you get your “plus one wedding invitation” added rider clause box to check off. Along with the surf, turf, veggie or spam, cereal or other menu food fare selections.)

In Kennebunkport Maine Walker’s Point Compound  on Ocean Avenue is a popular tourist query location that get’s “Googled” a lot.

Besides US Presidents #41 and #43, Jeb Bush is getting a new Maine home  away from home of his own.  Built at the Bush family compound on Walker’s Point.

You do feel the Secret Service scans, from a far pat downs as you just point the camera toward the home of two of the highest pay grades of them all in public service sector. God bless America.

Walkers Point Bush Family Compound Kennebunkport Maine
Walker’s Point, The Bush Family Compound On Ocean Avenue, Kennebunkport Maine.

The lighted red, white and blue flag on the point gives you the same feeling as after someone sings that song before the “play ball” shouted.

Lots of background selfies happen with this high taxed town chunk of Maine in the back ground.

For a budget stretching place to stay at Wells Beach a few miles to the south of Kennebunkport Maine, consider tapping out the phone numbers or emailing the N’er Beach Motel for an ocean vacation fun.

Plenty of food options, a trolley like the other Maine coastal tourist traps that you want to get pulled into willingly happens in Wells, Moody Beach that is not far from Old Orchard Beach too.

Maine's Kennebunkport Maine Beach Sea Shore
One Beach Is Not Exactly Like The Next. This One In Maine In Kennebunkport At Dusk.

In Bar Harbor Maine, Robbins Motel is pretty darn affordable.

To explore Acadia National Park, see Thunder Hole, check out a couple lighthouses like Egg Light  with it’s seals basking in the sun on an island, or Bass Harbor with its red lens and zip for parking.

So consider parking and biking in and out. And all along the 50 miles of Acadia carriage trails. With some very intricate granite bridges and stone work. Consider using your bike to roll on. To take the ferry from Portland to Peakes Island for bike ride. A quick easy spin with peddle power.

Like what you order off the menu at your favorite restaurant, often you know you should be adventuresome and try a new beach in Maine.

To sample another coastal Maine town and all it offers in a new and distinctive way. But it is hard when the temptation wanes and you order up the same beach in Maine to visit year after year. And each season is a variation on the same theme kinda sorta.

Maine Boats, Some Pretty Expensive, From Out Of This State, Country!
The Big Boats, Not Powered By Small Horsepower Motors Hanging Off The Aft Ends.

Say if you like Maine lighthouses, consider the hide and seek and joy of finding another. To add to your collection at Squirrel Point lighthouse in the Boothbay Harbor region as an example.

Maine has a lot of coast, more than most. And life is short if you plan to practice your take off, landing skills. To touch down barely and lift up quickly. To again, again. To sample the 228 miles coastline for a Maine vacation.

The coast of Maine, letting go and pulling the plug to recharge naturally, off grid. To reflect on life, the how’s it going for you weigh in to get your bearings. Find magnetic north. All that sea shore and what life is like along the coast is pretty special but only one facet of the vast Maine jewel.

The coastline gets more interesting, less commercial though while we are on the subject. As you venture north along Rt 1. Get off the Interstate 95 corridor. Check out Milbridge, Maine. Go further north to Lubec, Eastport Maine, West Quoddy Lighthouse, the local eateries.

Maine Harbor Boats Are Big, Expensive And Not Just Dingies, Lobster Vessels or Cruise Ships.
Maine Ocean Front Small Protected Harbors. You See Lots Of Big Watercraft, Clever Boat Names. Mine Would Be “Liquid Asset”.

Hang on pirates, to go ashore at President FDR’s vacation cottage. Get your sea legs for the short boat ride to Campobello Island. To experience real, raw, all pure and natural Downeast Maine. Without the vacations in Maine four color glossy hype.

Yes, in some regions of Maine to play it up for the tourists with the “you can’t get there from here-uh Chummy” there is some commercial posturing.

To play for the cameras, an open microphone. Anyone holding a tall, top ringed reporter’s notebook. To create a few catchy soundbites, grab some free press with full color 8×10’s, lots of black ink about lob-STAH that is some kinda wicked good Bub.

Fueling Up In A Maine Harbor. Anchoring For The Night To Come Ashore. Sample Whatever The Small Maine Coastal Town Serves Up.
Fueling Up In A Maine Harbor. Anchoring For The Night To Come Ashore. Sample Whatever The Small Maine Coastal Town Serves Up.

It’s hard tellin’ without knowing don’t ya know. Unless someone speaks up and spreads the word about Maine, the way life should be.

Have you been to Maine and to other places besides just the coast?

Consider the ski areas, the fall foliage tours inland and to see wide open farms, vast timbered northern sections of Maine. Not just the Maine beaches. The coastal tourist attractions where some have cruise ships parked out in the harbor.

Maine beaches, coastal towns for vacations. Those are only one Maine tourist trap you don’t really mind falling into and go willingly. But there is more.Maine, so much to explore, but only a short life time to do it.

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