Vacations in Maine when you are a native are extra special.

Because more than one a year happen and we get to sample the same places different seasons. New spots to add to the list while life ticks by.

Egg Rock Lighthouse Off Bar Harbor Maine
Egg Rock Lighthouse Off Bar Harbor Maine, MDI. One More To Add To The Collection Of Maine Lighthouses.

It is hard to imagine just a few days a year in Maine and expecting that small a session to explore and enjoy her to even begin to satisfy the thirst or hunger for more.

Have you ever been to Maine gets a lots of of the same answers. When you poll the wild blue yonder and ask for a show of hands. For who has been here, there and in between.

Because there are four seasons, the venues we enjoy the most are never quite the same. The spot on the calendar that we visit and return for more is like adding different seasoning to the experience.

Personally, I love to visit a Maine lighthouse in the dead of winter.

No other cameras to fence with to collect the eye candy. And there is something about seeing your breath and the shade of the ocean blue water in contrast to snow white pure that makes the photo opt more memorable for me. More on Maine lighthouses.

Deeper places inside are hit and tickled and soothed when you get to explore and discover Maine’s magic without lots of people to share the moment.

Maine Is Baxter Park, Mt Katahdin
Bigger Than Life. Majestic, Constant, Challenging Mt Katahdin Maine.

Off season is not a bad thing in the state dubbed “Vacationland”.

So how about a few images from Bar Harbor Maine, made the trek during tourist season but enjoy it even more around the fringes when cruise ships are not double parked off shore.

Use the LL Bean Island Explore to take you to and fro and leave the driving to the blue and green marked buses is one bit of advice is new to these parts around Mount Desert Island.

They say that at one time 85% of the nation’s wealth was concentrated in Bar Harbor Maine. That JP Morgan did not like spilling his drink when taking a sunset cocktail cruise along the shoreline around Bar Harbor Maine.

More images of Bar Harbor Maine.

So JP used a little of his vast wealth to take the belt and suspender approach to smooth the waterways off the coast of Bar Harbor Maine.

To alleviate that little unpleasantry. By commissioning a load of rocks to create a breakwater to calm the Atlantic Ocean waves.

Maine, What Words Come To Mind?
Maine Is More Than Lighthouses, Lobsters, Lake Loons.

Take a ride on the Acadian boat tours and hear more tales about the big fire of 1947 that changed the face of Bar Harbor.

And see a bald eagle swoop down at you in the boat with talons out stretched. To muckle on to a fresh piece of fish and then flap flap for all he is worth to return to his nest with dinner for the wife and kids. Bring the camera, keep the safety off and just wait for more of the wildlife to say hello.

White tail deer on the islands, sea kayaks bopping around your tour boat all add to the sunshine, sea air and feeling of wide open expanse on the water.

I felt lucky to see gray seals, puffin, a minke whale and to collect one more Maine lighthouse for the collection.

Egg Rock Light is pictured in this Me in Maine blog post today. 

Have you been to Maine and which parts have your never dipped your toe in? Try out the new venues of Maine on your next vacation and remember camping, a picnic and just a few gallons of gas along with tent for under the stars is one inexpensive option to drink, breathe, hear and see Maine. The off the beaten path places are the most special and home grown not store bought.

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