When you live in a rural state not flush with cash but drop dead gorgeous in the looks department, a true Mainer gets highly resourceful.

Lack of funds does not restrict the can do with what you have attitude found through out Maine.

Dealing with economic down turns goes back to practically everyone being a Maine farmer. Owning and trying to hang onto a patch of dirt they scratch to eek out an existence. Raise a family on a Maine farm.

We Are Bullish On Maine. Uplug And Make This Your Outlet To Recharge.
We Are Bullish On Maine. Uplug And Make This Your Outlet To Recharge.

You don’t throw away much that might come in handy with a re-purpose use.

There is an intimate connection with the others in the sparse population and during conversations down at the diner, the corner gas station others are willing to help in Maine.

Once your situation is explained and others share their two cents to find ways to pull of the caper without the adequate funds in your pocket to peel off and make it a store bought operation.

Lots of bartering, trade outs and exchanges of goods or services or both. No one is a stranger.

They Came To Learn About Organic Farming In Maine.
Bring The Family Farm Members. Lots Of Young Families At MOFGA Farmer To Farmer Conference.

Calling in favors and just reward from others in a little better position who know the feeling of being up against it.

Not charity really but along the lines of a little of the same thinking. Just the spirit of take what you need, leave the rest for others.

Because you feel pretty darn lucky.

And are when you live in Maine. And tally it up in your head before you lay the head in the bed or rise and shine when the cock a doodle doo activates.

Small towns support each other unlike cities that get impersonal and less connected.

That’s why we have to court and spark business to compliment what we already have and want to retain. So small towns in Maine keep their doors open and don’t fizzle out. In the one by one march to deorganization.

Maine Hiking Haystack Mountain.
Maine, Get High. Lots Of Chances To Rise Above The Static.

Because piling it on with higher property taxes won’t work for long because it squeezes the life blood out of the small Maine community if streamlining and centralization is avoided too long.

Or approached with a just tip your toe approach and time does its destruction from too little too late thinking.

What makes a small Maine town great? We never want to forget the spirit that snowballs and does not restrict. Small Maine towns can think on their feet and maneuver way way quicker like a David not a Goliath.

Weather storms easier and survive to live another day because drunken sailor spending is missing in real Maine. Use that deep down instinct in your gut to see the way to re-tool and adapt like Mainers always have. Free Site Map Generator

There is nothing new under the sun that has not happened in a similar fashion before and comparing notes and working together is the only pathway to make sure the small Maine town is on.

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