Conversation starters are usually caused by comparing notes eating at local Maine diners.

Elbow to elbow with the pass the black pepper please courtesy exchange. Not just creating. sharing idle chatter filling the time about the Maine weather either. We pick up and have been a hitch hiker too and add to the memory banks with bits and pieces from those of others roaming the state of Maine.

Telling stories, weaving the tales. About where you live now, have lived in the past. And sharing how things roll here seem to compare to there.

Maine Small Town Sports
Small Town Maine Is All About Home Grown. Not Found Online Because Not Always Reported About Daily.

For example, what does it tell you about areas where the number of bathrooms in a home outnumber the bedrooms by a long shot.

Maybe in Maine the outbuildings dominate the house they surround. Carry over from living on a Maine  farm or moving into a property that was one in a former life use.

In my day job to pay the bills, the kid’s braces and other expenses, it is not just conversations about the real estate in Maine for sale either. Lots of the other topics than property listings in Maine from A to Z covered.

Maine Small Town Living.
Cat Nap In Maine. The Snippets, Moments Are A String Of Magic.

And property taxes probably comes up more than any other topic.

Everyone thinking they are too high or that we are not getting our money’s worth.

Working too hard to let go of the currency on this side of the border with Canada. That is worth about .69 cents US compared to where red maple leaf flutter.

If you have never been to Maine, don’t start believing the myths either. About polar bears, igloos, dogsled teams for daily transportation to and fro.

It is not like that in Vacationland. Really.

More about the Maine weather today. The seasons, climate, weather of Maine taken apart for just the straight scoop.  Maine weather. By far the most maligned topic of any that we have to correct folks on in a nice, respectful way.

Maine Rules, Apply The Ice.
Apply Ice. Playing By The Rules. Living Simply In Maine.

And divorce topics because they happen here in Maine too like everywhere else. For lots of reasons.

And what about worry? I read somewhere that worry is like praying for something you don’t want to see happen. Why would you when it is put in those terms?

More quotations on worry.

So if you stumbled onto this Me In Maine blog post stream realize the hunt and peck in other venues happens daily too.

Because information about small Maine town, living in one is not everywhere you look online. Kinda specialized and purely rural thinking that is simple, real, rewarding.

We take requests for blog post creation on anything Maine.

What would you like to know more about from a local who hangs his hat here and takes notes. Is willing to compare them show and tell fashion with pictures and words.

Please sample our image stream on Maine. The show and tell videos on living in small town Maine.

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