When you are lucky enough to live in Maine, the number of places to visit is vast.

Experienced the West Gouldsboro Maine area this past weekend. Oldest daughter of four children exchanged vows on the coast of Maine with a reception at the public library in Sorrento.

maine coastal west gouldsboro mandala farm
Look What I Found… Want To Touch It, See It Up Close?

If you have ever been to Washington DC or NYC, you know about grids and orderly layouts of cities. Maine coastal communities are nothing like that.

More like settlements and “you can’t get there from here” directions.

Because the fingers of land, islands and peninsulas slow down traffic and facilities in the less populated coastal areas of Maine can be challenging.

Maine Coastal Sights, Photos.
Sampling The Sea Food, Sights In The Gouldsboro / Schoodic Point / Prospect Harbor Region Of Maine.

Even with GPS coordinates dialed in.

Because of twisting, dipping and rising quickly Maine coastal roadways where you best be paying attention.

To the country lane narrow roadways kept high school skinny for a reason.

Natural speed controllers that force less pressure on the squeeze of the foot feed pedal to the metal.

Because of rock bound craggy, jagged lay of the land along the Maine sea coast. The reason for all these Maine lighthouses in the first place.

Visibility of oncoming traffic is hard in many of the coastal byways in Maine.

But the beauty of the down to Earth people, the natural unspoiled surroundings of coastal Maine make it all so so worth the time spent there.

The local customs, layout of the terrain, the sheer unique structures and settings you stumble on to when just meandering around Maine’s coastal areas.

Maine is so many things… the eye candy helps show that one image at a time being played in the mental circular slide show presentation.

Maine Lighthouses, Lots To See, All Different In Many Ways.
Over 60 Lighthouses In Maine, Have You Started Your Collection Yet? Prospect Harbor One Venue To Visit With The Camera.

After the stay at the Artemis Bed And Breakfast in Sorrento Maine. When the wedding and reception were history, the true love in the union displayed.

We traveled to the Mandala Organic Farm Store in Gouldsboro Maine. With a nice visit of family and the farm operation, hoop house, a tour of the operations.

Then after lunch at the Pickled Wrinkle, it was time to point the jeep to Schoodic Point before neck reining back due north to Aroostook County.

Seeing lots of bikers with and missing the motors. The easiest way to maneuver and to squeeze in a space for parking. When it is time to put the kick stand down and hoof it around new coastal Maine scenery. Snapping images to remember the experience. Capturing, shooting stills and video loops to trap in time the experience.

Maine Lighthouses In Schoodic Point / Prospect And Winter Harbor Area.
Maine Lighthouses, Been To Many? Not Al Need A Lobster Boat Or Sea Kayak To Experience Up Close And Personal!

Was able to capture easily two more lighthouses in Maine for the growing collection. One lighthouse at Winter harbor Maine. The other a lighthouse in Prospect Harbor on Schoodic Point, Maine.

The smell of salt air, soft touch of a sea breeze and sound of the surf on the Maine coast is therapeutic. Calming, soothing, so relaxing with the shift in mood happening quickly.

Glints of diamond sunshine reflection everywhere you look is part of the magic. In oh oh, here it comes again.

Getting high inside.

Deep down near the soul. As you become mesmerized, placed under the hypnotic spell. Of Maine’s wicked good way of increasing awareness and forcing you to relax completely.

If you make time, are close enough to the Maine coastline to spend some time climbing along the rocks.

Listening to sea gulls and navigational buoys.

As the dot of Maine lobster trap markers bob in the water of the Atlantic Ocean. Ever thought of the move, relocation to Maine?

Maine, big state, lots of see. Don’t stay away so long.

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