This is the 20th year for the Northern Maine Soap Box Derby Racing Program.

Attended a planning meeting for this year’s race in June last night in Houlton Maine, the state race venue for any boy or girl wanting to participate in the downhill event.

The driver learns a lot about mechanics in the process of soap box derby racing.

Along with Dad, Mom, Uncle Bob or a neighbor, big brother or sister, wrenches have to be turned. Wheel pins and spindles discuss. As the build a car from an Akron Ohio kit process unfolds. The large sheet of instructions or online monitor are studied to comply with the rules of racing.

Maine Soap Box Derby
Maine’s Soap Box Derby Racing Program, The Big Race Is In June!

Years ago it was just buy your axles, then on your own with the creative design. Using whatever you had kicking around or wanted. Now to keep it as fair as possible. And to add to the competitive nature of derby racing, a strict set of parts are used by all car sponsors, drivers.

But the devil is always in the details. Of a million little things to give the driver and his or her car a little bit of an legal edge. An advantage learned over time.

With each run down lane one or two of the Houlton Maine race track hill.

When you hear the launch operator ask are you ready drivers? And each lane is reminded we have a green up here on topside. For the release on 3,2,1. But more runs down derby hill do make the difference.

That is the magic of anything worthwhile in life.

To study, practice, become more expert in the application. Derby families know from experience what works and why. What does not and to avoid. Just watch, ask them, listen and learn.

So, if you are a business looking for a new “ride” for your advertising, branding, consider buying a derby race car. Having a contest of some type to select a driver. For years of use for this marketing tool. And the goodwill it creates with one driver who sticks with derby racing. Or a series of drivers who slide behind the wheel each year for a turn of finding out. What all this “Thrill Of The Hill” business buzzing around is all about for themselves.

Become a part of the Maine derby racing program and the friendly, spirited competitive downhill gravity racing.

Watch a couple videos for Maine Soap Box Derby Racing.

Please visit the soap box derby website for Maine.

Along with lots of volunteers that have been part of derby racing in Maine for years, I look forward to another June derby event. Feeling lucky to be involved in the 20th Maine State Soap Box Derby Race program for another year.

You might consider doing the same by helping a driver, sponsoring a derby car, working on the racing committee or all three.

Reach out to me and will help explain the neat sport of youth downhill soap box derby racing.

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