When you are lucky enough to live in Maine.

Not just flit in, out like a globe trotting vacationing hummingbird. Brief, sporadic visits miss much. You’re not fully you, start to show drastic withdrawal symptoms. When MIA for long from the Pine Tree State.

Maine Weather Happens.
Maine Weather, What To Wear Means Whatever Works, Protects, Is Comfortable. Does Not Put You In The Poor House.

Because Maine full time, your order is up please means you get all the fixin’s. Get to sample more than a small plop cafeteria corner compartment of her richness.

Don’t settle for a measly, dinky side order of all she offers. Or worse end up with just a no thank you helping of the good stuff. Dig in, go deep. Cover me. We’re going outside in Maine.

But as the Maine expression rings true, it is hard telling without knowing Bub.

In what to wear when you are in Maine but feeling like a fish out of water.

Fashion conscious worry goes out the window, is left at the back door like Dino. Not allowed to come back in. No one is out to impress. Maine’s drop dead natural stunning beauty has that shock and awe routine wrapped up in aces, all the suits. Tight as a drum, the whole nine yards Chummy.

The simple small Maine town approach to living strips away, sets the stage.

Maine Fall Harvest Photo In Aroostook County
Starts Out Nippy Early Wearing Long Underwear And By Noon Stripped To The Waist . Sweating During The Maine Fall Farm Harvest.
For a naked, less complicated, over layered Maine experience. That approach that is not fueled by a big wasteful spending production. Keeps everything from artificially bloating. Taking everything, everyone off course. Distracting from the true experience reward the Maine outdoors delivers if you just keep it simple.

Warm wearing insulated flannel, waffle cell long underwear beneath that.

Waterproof boots that breathe so your piggies don’t swelter or drown. And something for an outer shell that lets you move unrestricted in a Maine winter.

Whether swinging a mall to wedge apart, split next year’s firewood. Or heading to the fall farm fields of Aroostook County to one, two, three and more potato.

Or leaving a protected harbor, Maine craggy lined shore of a Maine small fishing town. Plying the open water swells for the denizen of the deep. We are talking being warm in winter because hibernation is not an option. Adding a hearty chowder, soup, stew to attack any hint of cold from the inside out too.

Maine Potatoes Picked In Barrels Before Bulk Bodies Happened.
165 Pounds Is The Weight Of A Full Maine Farm Potato Barrel.

Thrift stores finds at Sally’s, the good as new, second time around and hand me downs work just fine in Maine.

Reuse, recycle, don’t buy when you already have more than you need. Things held onto, appreciated, put into service. Pulling from your stash the tried and tested green or red plaid wool jacket. As you head off to the wood’s hunting camp.

Or down to the local diner, corner convenience mom and pop Maine store. To hook up the IV to the purple juice from the local grapevine. For a hit, push, dose of the latest press run of what’s happening from the Maine man on the street reporting. Standing next to the Uncle Henry’s rack. Slurping a coffee and nibbling on a fresh piping hot wedge slice of breakfast pizza.

We’re not talking dressing like Don Knots with light blue leisure suits when we go out either.

LL Bean is in Maine remember?

The All Important Family Living In Small Town Maine Connection.
Maine Small Towns, Family Is Everything.
Polar fleece for a chill of early spring, late fall can do just fine. As we take in a high school sporting event where we know or are somehow related to most on the bleachers. The steel toe work boots for safety get left at home. Hiking or cowboy boots, sneakers, deck shoes, tevas or anything but hush puppies are applied for the walk this way in Maine.

When your weekend dining is something grilled outside. Pulled from inside an antique farm house kitchen wood cook stove. Five star dining also happens down at the local sled club, grange hall, church bazaar. Where the many in the kitchen wearing aprons create with loving hands together. A medley of tried and tested, handed down the generations to die for family recipes.

Come as you are, as long as you are warm, you are comfortable.

Not hung up on stylish means develop your own look. Maybe the mackinaw was your grandfather selected today. The lid you wear Uncle Bob, the character who was a decorated veteran. Shot up but not talking about it much after he returned stateside. He was the Schaefer drinker. Like Freeman Taylor, the local postage child for that brand of reaching for more than one when you’re having fun.

The t-shirt and shorts, swimsuit, flip flops and sand of a Maine summer beach outing. The Dickey’s, Carhartt’s when working in the shop. Running a Maine farm or woodlot chainsaw means tough stuff that holds up needed. Like Janet, no one wants a wardrobe malfunction. When working, playing, living outdoors in Maine where all the fresh air and high test scenery surrounds us.

Maybe our blood in Maine is pretty much like motor oil, 5W-30 weight.

Thinner viscosity on the wipe, dip, pull, reading of the stick. Perhaps we are heat intolerant. Maybe we work too hard, are so industrious so Maine weather clothing is not so important.

We fuel up with the right home made food that dresses, sticks to your ribs from within. Our work ethic industry labor is like someone cranked the ten, twenty or more thermostat degrees. Added an extra layer of clothing or wool blanket on a cold Maine winter eve. A winter night’s Noreaster that is revving up to full RPM gale force levels. Where the Maine country bedroom windows sound like kazoos when inward blasts, gusts pick up speed. Pummel, rock and roll the Maine house.

Maine, don’t worry about what you wear. Just enjoy where you get to go with whatever threads you have. And whatever works for the application from your own field study experience. With what you have hanging in the closet, in the chest of drawers.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker