Winter to some in the audience is just brrrrrr, sitting on the edge of a couch and inside hibernation.

Maine is not that setting because outdoors is where we spend all four seasons. The weather shifts, there is the slowly flipping pages of the calendar that causes a change in the wardrobe.

Maine Outdoor Beauty Walking, Talking, Photo Shooting.
Thank You Cindy For The Neat Early Morning Walk Photo Of Panther Pond, Raymond Maine.

The shake up of what we use for outdoor recreational equipment to keep filling our lungs with fresh Maine air. To get a workout, exercise from a burn of relaxation amidst all this drop dead gorgeous scenery.

Have the youngest cub and his girlfriend living in the Raymond Maine area.

And exploring the area around Panther Pond means new images to collect and share. With approaching winter, the love of downhill alpine skiing, mountain slopes in his area of Maine is on the radar. He has let me know to tell Santa the cost of season’s passes at nearby Black Mountain in Rumford Maine.

Or get your tickets to a Maine black bears hockey team game.

Maine Outdoor Air Temperatures Color The Experience.
The Little Black Dog Walks The Owner Along The Sandy Shore In Misty Maine.

Where you get a seat assignment, but anyone that spends any time around the sheet of polished Zamboni ice knows, you stand up to watch. The back and forth across red and blue lines. The chasing the black circle that looks for the best angle, the second, third and more shots between the iron, into the twine. There are no ugly goals in hockey.

But it is a tad early for full blown planning ski weekends so while we wait for more white stuff to be made, pileup, the shifting gears happens.

Getting ready. Mentally, physically turning the weather channel corner. Putting on the ski rack, digging out the Spyder warm winter clothing. Lubricating the snow sled too.

Heck I still have some fall leaves to mulch or rake. Peek a booing out from under the first installment of Maine snow that landed a couple weekends ago. But that with rain, warm temperatures, the wind and now some sunshine the snow accumulations are waning, tittering, almost history.

We are ready for lasting snow, what’s hanging in the coat closet has been changed up to play comfortably out in it. Flower boxes, lawn chairs and lake wharfs all wolf whistled loudly. Called, given the summons to head back into storage. Old man winter, any time now. Really. With the price of home heating oil, Maine gas so much more affordable, it’s going to be a fun, warm winter inside out in Vacationland.

Maine Early Winter Maple Trees.
Angry Looking Maine Trees, Stripped Of Leaves. Splashed, Lathered With Early Morning Low Angle, Long Ray Lighting.

Maybe the crazy mad dash wear and tear to hang a heat pump or two off the sides of homes, businesses for the energy tax credit rebate creates a silver lining for those who did not.

Along with all those new wood pellet stove installations, the stampede away from oil makes it more affordable. Timber on the price to happen. To lure you back. Because less dependent and more winter heating options for what to dial in than Texas tea crude. For when we come inside from enjoying playing, working outdoors in Maine. Sitting down in front of a hot bowl of chowder.

This morning on the way into town could not help but notice the long slant of the early sunshine.

The way it colors, bathes everything around me. Bright in intensity, the splash at low seasonal angles. But lacking the warmth on exposed bare tanned shoulders, hatless heads.

Maine Is Farming, Outdoors, Horses, Animals. All Rural.
Horsing Around In Maine. Want To, Need To?

Like bopping around in a kayak on a Maine lake ripple of waves feels. Or hiking up a hill, mountain while birds sing in perfect harmony, in the key of “Gee”. Fun.

Maybe biking down a trail along the coastal island byways, network interior roads. Logged, plyed after delivery by a Maine ferry taxi.

All that get in your system. More Maine is the only antidote that works to ease you back from the edge. Beckons you to return. For a re-run highly personal experience.

When you coming back to Maine? Don’t stay away so long.

We’re not closed winters. Try a different season in the rotation if you are not firing, operating already on all four cylinders of the Maine calendar.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker