Do you get excited about being inside a warm home?

A plate in front of you with good food from your own garden or root cellar. Family surrounding you that is happy, chattering, pulling together. Not being up against it with debt and slowly rebuilding over your house as the budget allows. Using more of your own sweat, ingenuity. Staying mentally, physically, spiritually healthy in the total exercise of living in Maine.

Maine Is Simple Outdoor Living.
Maine, Starts, Ends Simple. All Natural, Unfiltered Unspoiled.

Putting your back into the remodeling, renovations.

Slow going but rewarding because you did not hire it done. You watched the you tube videos on the DIY, your brother Bob is a carpenter. Owes you a favor for helping him with the addition on his woods camp. Shingling his garage last month. Call in those IOU’s and tap into the jack of all trades training all Mainer’s are born and bred with to survive. Prosper and become very grateful, self satisfied, less dependent.

So back to what makes you happy.

Stay that way. Is just being warm as toast or the glow inside that radiates from spending the day skiing or hiking a very high mountain enough? Is the experience from swimming, boating, fishing crystal clean unpopulated water enough to make you sing inside?

Or do you live where the basics are not what trips your trigger. But having more, spending lots on stuff you thought you needed. But after you get it you are not so sure. When all the bills come in in waves of thirty day cycles.

Less in more, enough in Maine and we are taught as young grasshoppers to be content.

Be happy as an inside job you take on. Not expecting it to happen from the outside that involves others that may not have signed up for the role in your play day to day.

Maine White Tail Deer
The Nature Of Things. The Balance, Harmony, Reality.

Zero lot lines for the postage stamp property measured in inches. In the urban crowded areas make it why bother having side windows? Just to look at the grain in the siding up close and personal in the shade from your neighbors? In Maine the back and side, front yards are measured in yards, acres not fractions of a foot.

More space, less consumption of anything not man made. That’s what we rely on. For the home made fun that uses your imagination. Hooked in tandem to the drop dead gorgeous surrounding. Labeled, called unspoiled, all natural Maine. Looking for some of that?

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker