In many areas of the country the thought of witches, warlocks, goblins of any kind climbing up on your open porch to trick or treat is not happening.

Too much crime, worry about apples with razor blades, etc. All kinds of reasons to avoid the door to door panhandling for treats of any kind.

Small Maine Town Trick Or Treating At Halloween Still Happens.
Maine Small Towns Still Safe To Halloween Trick Or Treat.

Just the transition from gypsy scaling, bounding up the front steps two at a time. To ring the front door bell. Scream trick or treat. To instead having a church or recreation center party on stop shop. All under one roof rather than helter skelter canvassing out in the neighborhoods in places outside Maine.

No danger of someone wearing a sheet or pirate, walking dead zombie being hit by a Halloween night in the dark motorists.

In the dodging across, zigzagging this and that street in the dark.

But small Maine towns are different for trick or treating that still happens. With the fourth lowest crime statistic, and pretty much everyone in a small Maine town knows everyone, it is not a dangerous affair. We know that relative, cousin, whoever.

Behind the gruesome mask, under the gown or white blood stained sheet.

Are his hockey or little league coach. Or know her from church, the neighborhood that is connected. More so than a large sprawling urban area where worry happens when you leave your own backyard. Welcome to Mayberry, welcome to Maine. I’m Andy. Not sure what happened to Opie, Aunt Bea, Barney but you get the drift of the way things roll here.

To outfit, bundle up and get the family of small ones rigged up to trick or treat for Halloween.

To head out starting at 4:30 to look for porch lights left on. The signal we play the Halloween game, are open for visitors. There is candy here. To trick or treat, canvass the neighborhoods in a small Maine town.

Also the best neighborhoods to trick or treat are not necessarily the ones with the highest taxed Maine homes.

No, No, the number of Maine homes per neighborhood. Less busy streets are factors that kids out to collect the sweets quickly figure out. When it is only so much time on the clock before bedtime to ring the bell, open the bag. Holler out trick or treat. Hitting the High Street home example in the video above makes that area popular.

There is a lot of expense and planning to year after year build the trick or treating traffic.

Eerie Halloweens In The Dark.
Collecting Candy, Adding To The Trick Or Treat Halloween Stash.

And it is contagious. Others in the surrounding houses up and down, across the street start to ramp up their Halloween game. It takes one to be the red nose reindeer and lead the charge of “trick or treat” heard hollered around small Maine town neighborhood.

But experience from the year before of what you got, remembered and wanted to return for another dose. Those Halloween trick or treating hot spots are talked about through the grapevine of kid’s that tramp the small Maine town.

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