You read, hear, see lots of signs of depression, unhappiness.

And wonder where did all the angry people come from? Why folks are angry, are frustrated is fueled from lots of sources deep inside. My Mom used to call it “stinking thinking”. Not being grateful, counting your blessings.

Maine Small Town Living, Simpler Approach.
Simpler Small Town Living In Maine.

The approach that you are better off than you deserve, others have it a lot worse than you.

Sure chemical imbalance, something missing in the inside chemistry can trigger the highs and lows. But your outlook, what you were taught has a hand in the “how’s it going?”.

Anger turned inward causes depression. Having the wrong, skewed set of expectations that are not realistic or forgetting the struggle, hard work to pull off change spells disaster too.

In my Maine real estate job, I find a person, couple upside down with a mortgage loan that is unhappy. Worried about losing the place. And beyond the housing stress to get payments caught up or the place sold, you quickly find other areas of the owner’s life is out of whack.

Not happy about their job, all the mountain of debt, the relationship too is a struggle and hanging on by a thread.

It’s all making everyone bone tired. Discouraged, depressed, not such a happy camper. Sometimes the anger that fuels, is the mortar of the short temper, unhappiness comes from knowing the individual or couple had a role. Made mistakes, but not always cranked up about taking ownership of their contribution. In the fine kettle of fish they find themselves swimming around in.

Maine Is Rural, Lots Of Farms.
Maine Is Having Land, Using It For Farming, Hobbies. Or Just Enjoying Wide Open Space.

Grass is always green kicks in and just looking for relief. But self medication, retail therapy, affairs don’t fix the problem.

Adjustment in life to correct the off the road should be done carefully, in small measures. Kinda of like apply power to a skid on a slick Maine winter road of ice. The ribbon thread of up, down, twisting sideways dips and no thank you ma’ms.

When you live in Maine, the approach to living is less expensive, lower key and time always spent outdoors.

Being on a Maine lake or something waterfront is the setting to figure out, hear yourself think. To consider where you are now, where you have been, where you want to end up. Hard work, determination, patience but right thinking… not the stinking kind needed in large supply.

Having lots of space around you and acres not inches is the setting that helps the general mood. On everything that happens in life that spills from that location. Too tight, too small, up close and way way too personal does not make you easy going. Able to let things roll off without a fuss, a frown, a string series of four letter words anger.

Maine Small Farm Land Photo
Growing Up In Maine, The Fun Home Made, Outdoors.

Lack of fear, missing crime is what Maine provides a healthy dose of for day to day simple living.

Being productive, worthwhile and having a purpose. Skills developed because it is up to you, no one else empowers a person too. Shows the grit, what the person is made of to persevere, dig in, hang on and move beyond the rock and a hard place.

Coming to Maine debt free works best. Knowing what you got paid there and just skinned by with is not the same pay in the envelope here. Scaling back on the spending if still needing to work here in Maine. But you gain so so much more than you give up. Maine, outdoors, fresh air, clean water, wildlife. Ready for some for quality of simple Maine living?

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker