Be honest, when you stop and think about it is there really anything you actually need when birthday, an anniversary comes around?

When you have logged a few trips around the annual race track of life and have passed the accumulation stage? So when it is time for gift giving, so the receiver knows lots of thought went into this purchase, Maine home made, hand made items score huge.

The Unique State Of Maine Hand Drawn, Creatively Depicted.
The Unique State Of Maine Hand Drawn, Creatively Depicted.

Because they were not mass produced.

Plucked off the shelf of a big box, Wally World from rows and rows of a sea of samness. And the chances of duplicate gifts being opened by the receiver are scant. Pretty darn slim. Maine Made is one site with lots of variety when hunting down the just perfect gift for someone special.

Or what the heck.

Don’t wait to receive something that excites you. Hope someone gets the elbow nudge and springs for something that catches your fancy. If you spy with your little eye something in a quaint Maine shop, in an online “boutique”, buy it.

Life is all about small pleasures. And who better than you to know what pulls at heart strings… yours.

Have a youngest son who’s girlfriend Cindy is an artist.

Just got a job in the Raymond Maine area as an art teacher. And here is a shameless plug for Cynthia Taylor, an up and coming side artist that has launched a side cottage industry like business.

Home Made Maine Map.
How To Get To Houlton Maine. Follow The Threads.

Offering online items with an extra helping of Maine theme.

That continue to grow in type, selection now that she lives in the Pine Tree State. The items that make excellent Maine gifts.

Local art hand made and not found at retail chains.

Don’t we all want something not like what everyone else has that is pretty unique?

Like music. I liked Billy Joel even more before the rest of the World discovered him after Cold Spring Harbor.

Played at the right speed, not the chipmunk sounding sped up master that slipped out into record stores, radio stations near you.

Back in the day. When black vinyl, big and little platters of it were spun for entertainment. In the “playing what you’re saying”.

Stacks of wax used to entertain.

Some going gold, selling a million copies or more. Kids saving up and buying an 33 and a third album, a 45 rpm single. To add to the meager, handful of artist collection. With neat cover art, the lyric sheets tucked inside.

Before today’s 3500 digital not analog songs on an ipod to select from, hokey pokey to on the go.

Galette Recipe, Hand Made, Written Down.
Home Made, Special, Here’s One Recipe.

New, up and coming, creative artists in Maine, there are plenty to reach out and connect with thanks to the Internet.

The leg up it gives aspiring artisans in Maine where the wide open space, all this fresh air and clean water, rolling wooded land is the perfect backdrop. To let loose and fashion something special, memorable, lasting.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, Real Estate Broker