The first vacation to Maine starts the germination, burning sensation.

The one deep inside that like an itch, is not going to go away. When you test positive for Maine.

Maine Oceanfront Beach Vacations.
You, Fresh Air, Clean Water, Space. Freedom To Roam. Take Off Your Shoes. Let Down Your Hair.
Even with the green square tin of bag balm found on the shelf of every Maine hobby farm is applied for what ails you. Or for protecting cuts, scrapes on the critters with the medicated salve. The Maine farm animals much like kids. That get into the craziest situations around barns, machinery, fencing. Horsing around happens in a Maine rural farm setting.

The visit to a relative or friend who set up a farm spread in Maine is the kindling for the inside passion to take root.

Or renting a place on the Maine coast line. Sauntering through the harbor villages, shops. Sitting outside to dine in open air cafes. Walk the sandy beaches. Smelling salt air, feeling gentle breezes. Building a nightly fire for a brewski, some grape juice, tasty grilled snackage and free form casual get togethers.

Stained Glass Maine Moose.
Maine Moose, See Them Everywhere!
Unscripted dialogue, outdoor conversations as the sun sets or rises in a circle of chairs. Lake camps in Maine are low cost vacation options to create the backdrop you need to unwind, unplug, recharge, relax.

Making everything camping out and hiking, biking, kayaking or skiing, fishing, hunting that much crisper, sharper, memorable. To blaze in good shape. The images of Maine fan the flames.

These Maine photos fuel the hunger, thirst, reminder that other places are not like this.

The Maine local community videos help you take the trips. To get inside Maine. To the state fairs, farmer’s markets, parades, other small town happenings in Vacationland. These blog posts about Maine are designed to help.

Painting the pictures. To show the sight and sounds of Maine. Formulate the list in the power of writing is what makes this region of the country no longer a deep, dark, guarded secret. Maine people are pretty unique. Why folks want to stay in Maine. Work, retire, raise families here. To relocate, move, invest and vacation in Maine. Thank you for being a faithful follower of Me In Maine blog posts.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker