You are a Northern Maine office supply guy and dropping off deliveries.

See the golden arches and out of reflex, with your stomach doing the 10 and 2 swerve. Take a hard right into hap hap happy place. To throw the van in park. Hand gallop into the lobby to order up the usual food fare. Egg McMuffins, one with ham, the other with a sausage snug as a bug in a rug in the middle. Black coffee, and okay, throw in a pair of hash browns in that bag to go go go. Mickey Dees, Timmy Ho Ho’s, Dunk Your Donut, they’re all a big habit in a small Maine town jump start your day where everyone knows your name.

Maine Cats, Kittens, Adopt One Today!
Kittens, Cats Can Make A Maine Home Complete.

It was summer, sunny and when Dave slid behind the wheel and sat munching, slowly emptying the contents of the sack of fast food fuel, he hears sounds.

Voices in his head, but not English. Cat talk, meows mew mew mewing. He sticks his head out the open window, looking for the source. Nothing in the parking lot scan.

Gets out, looks under the loaded van of cardboard boxes. Nope, no felines. Swivels his head in a pan of the parking lot. Makes sure radio is off. Scratches his head. Climbs back in the van, the sounds are coming from inside. Really? He did not remember packing cats for the drop offs today.

Not sounds from a talking card with the watch or hearing aid battery glued inside. That won’t shut off and tucked under the sun visor or in the glove box. On the check off list of where the heck are those meows coming from hunt down. Not from a cell phone ring tone either needing to be silenced.

Finishes breakfast, steps out. Opens up the rear lid of the van and starts removing boxes. Lots of them restacked on the asphalt. To get to the source of the trio sounds. Three kittens crying, the stowaways, hitchhikers located using his eyes and ears detective approach.

Someone had thought Dave looks like a good trusting soul.

Might need a threesome of cats or would sign on to find someone that does. Suddenly the office supply van is an animal shelter and he is in charge of foster care adoption work. What to do? Return the favor and pass the cats along? Other cars with open windows, inside diners ordering up the grub. At first considered but … No. Drowning them like some used to do with no qualms in a burlap sack, a pail of water until the sounds stop? Heck no.

Homes, the cats need probably three of them.

Hate to break up the family. He thought of dropping them off at the Mooers Farm on the County Road thinking the kittens will have a good life there. But instead, heads to the animal shelter on the Callaghan Road. Where today of all days he IS carrying cash. Which never happens because plastic is used to maneuver his way around the circular route in Aroostook County.

Kittens, Cats Needing A Maine Home.
Voices Get High Up, Cartoon Sounding When Small Animals Are Around A Maine Home.
To end up back in Caribou Maine at the end of the heavy lifting, driving, delivery to keep office staffs purring. To not develop hair balls that clog, stops operations. And make people want to scratch and claw his eyes out if a delay happens and they run out of office supplies.

Seven dollars a piece for check in, to drop off the three Maine kittens at the animal shelter, humane society. Ever had cats or other animals dropped off on at doorstep? Or put in the open window of your vehicle at 7:30 in the morning like Dave? I have gotten a really neat Maine cat to adopt, take to my home in a real estate sale.

Spay and neuter your family pet so less orphans, animal hobos on the road happen.

Dave had an office cat in his operation where he lived overhead. Did not need more to keep things entertaining or for security after hours at work.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker