Spending time outside more but closer to the Maine home base.

Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to park it on an open porch, use your sun room, the deck or patio more this year? Or to add one if none in your life now? Open air living room, not Maine black bear’s den like seems to be what your body, mind, spirit are craving.

Coffee Tastes Better On Maine Porches, Decks, Patios.
Maine Porches, Free Therapy, Shelling Fresh Peas, Naps Happen Here. Coffee, Ice Tea Tastes Better Here.

Back and forth freely put together talks are one reason.

Not texts, not emails, not during commercials when locked on with the thousand yard detached stare in the recliner or horizontal on the sofa.

Click the power to blip off. Silence. Get away from the tube.

Keep your hands where we can see them and head to bright light, fresh air. Open communication of the special areas to enhance the daily routine and used creatively.

Maine Is Porches That Get Used, People Talk.
Flowers, Bees Buzzing, Birds Singing, Easy Conversations On A Maine Home Porch.
Growing up the Maine farm home porches got used a lot. Nightly summer conversations and how about a snack to go with the chit chat? Early morning coffee just tastes better when the new Maine day sunshine promises to be spectacular.

With Maine song birds in perfect pitch, weaving their own special solos. Bees buzzing. Walkers to stopping by to say hello and ask how everything is.

You return the same query to get up to speed with the what’s new in pair of lives. The budding, blooming flowers and fragrant greenery adding to the eye candy of just so glad to be in Maine.

Talking about what makes you some kind of happy, grateful living day to day in Maine.

Or sharing what has got your done, worried, concerned. Those conversations in a porch glider, rocker to figure it out. Process it all with family, friends, sometimes alone with your thoughts. With a cold refreshment in your hand and company is healthy. What’s going on in your life is shared. Comparing notes, suggestions from others to factor in your own life direction does a person much good.

Maine Is Outdoors. Park It There
No Walls, No Roof, No Ceiling. No Limits. Maine.
Reading scripture to prepare your heart, quiet it or expand it happens easier, more natural on a porch, deck, patio. Space, surrounding you in Maine opens you up. Untangles the knots, helps make you a better blogger. More interesting writer too. (Smile)

Where do you park it when close to home, camp in Maine? What perch kinda outdoors but used a lot daily, weekly, seasonally works best to keep you balanced, feeling alive and pumping?

As a kid you had to be practically dragged back indoors for supper, bedtime from playing outside in Maine.

What happened?

Adults are more fun when time is spent outdoors. You’ve committed no crime, why the self inflicted house arrest? Make yourself go outside. See what you are missing. You are not the best version of you stuck inside hiding out.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker