Adjusting those rabbit ear antennae to have less snow, static in the Maine television picture.

You must be living in a part of Maine far from the television station, no cable hook up. Before Dish or Direct TV was invented to bolt on to the side of your Maine house at the right angle to pick up a signal on the horizon.

Maine, You Don't Need Your Tea Leaf, Palms Read Here.
Picking Up The Signal Loud And Clear In Maine.

Maybe a rotor was hooked to that antennae array on the top of the Maine home roof that is guy wired to take on a Northeaster.

Or strapped tightly to a brick chimney to rock and roll, shimmy and shake. The antennae straining for a strong signal directional gain can be turned to dial in the station’s broadcast frequency. Today the expression “300 channels on the television but nothing to watch” is the norm in the abundance of crystal clear, noise free digital offerings.

When growing up in Northern Maine was one American station, two Canadian signals and public broadcasting added in to round it out.

Sometimes that rotor stopped rotating. Rusted motor quit taking the turns, sweeps back and forth. Channel surfing with four channels. If the weather conditions allowed the broadcast to drift in. Like smoke signals that work best if no wind. Less garble, missing communication happening.

It was appreciate what you have. More than enough. That is all there is and accepted gratefully.

Not Stuck Inside, Moving Around Outside In Maine.
Outside, Moving, Catching A Ride To Maine Adventure.
Plus not tons of time spent on the couch watching television. We were outside playing, working. Had chores and fresh air was a big part of the daily diet. Still is. Need that oxygen combined with outdoor living, all that scenery, wildlife.

And Saturday morning, cartoons tomorrow morning thought about all day Friday.

And don’t miss them… only in the mornings is your one shot Partner for a week’s dose to tide you over. It was a big deal to head into town from the country. To watch NBC’s full living color peacock fan the plume too at my Aunt Hettie’s home cable feed. On Franklin Avenue for a holiday celebration. Because not regular, standard viewing fair like when watching a cherry picker television station in Presque Isle Maine. When your Maine home was out in the country, not in town where cable wired the village because of more houses per mile to make it feasible.

When you live in Maine it is not fun watching television, movies for hours on end. You want to be outside instead. To step into, be part of that outdoor picture. That four seasons scenery Maine photo folks from out of state drool over. Fantasize about the 51 weeks they are not lucky enough to be in Vacationland a year.

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