My Dad was a Leo and a friend’s father was too.

Wearing the pointed hat with the too tight elastic that hurts your neck.

To get ice cream, their favorite kind of cake the same calendar day each year. When the older Leo loses their mate there is a different kind of loneliness that enters the room. Because Leo’s are leaders, creative but need that validation a little more than your average bear.

They know they are capable, have a healthy supply of ego but also in one corner a big box of unwrapped insecurity.

That’s where the help mate really comes in. The one that “gets them” and goes a little above and beyond making him feel good about himself. Done home made private between the pair, not gathered out in the public at large. The mate can not be tearing, stripping them down and trying to change them for the partnership to last or be healthy.

Under other sky signs, maybe the attention or “attah boys” out in public for a job well done could be sufficient. Leo’s seem driven to go above and beyond. And during the day to day don’t relish the sunshine of attention of folks praising them along the way. When folks do, they feel a little uncomfortable. Because they are midstream, had a good idea being put into action and no time now for smoozing. And sometimes a little suspect of if the smoozer “doth praise too much” and is not so true blue sincere.

Maybe because of an agenda of what they are after obvious. Possibly because the Leo has just entered the (Twilight Zone / Rod Serling music theme up and under Jimmy please) “spin zone.” (Hit the ending maracas suspensive cymbal crash.) Another dimension of the human condition. Or in Dad’s case an alcoholic father and brother growing up added to the puzzle Mom nurtured to unlock, discover the pieces. The effects anyone that has one or two in the household can appreciate. Recover from as they venture out and try not to make the same mistakes in their own family bear’s den.

So what about you? Do you study the stars?

Do you like the smell of a freshly delivered paper, unwrapped, opened up, uncreased? To start your day holding, reading the black and white sheets of low grade newsprint with a cup of Joe? Do you scan your horoscope, study it and other sign paragraphs, guidance snippets from the stars? Before hopping in the shower, making your bed, deciding on a wardrobe. Getting all spiffed up in the mirror with the same guy or gal you meet each morning at the exact same time.

Some mornings noticing after the brushing the ivories, shaving, combing your hair your red eyes match your dress die of the day? When something heavy is going on behind the scenes to process, adjust to, get ready for to help out anyway you can? When a friend reminds you that instead of all of us thinking about dying someday way way down the road around some far, don’t worry about it corner along the pathway. That suddenly the target date becomes more defined as a little less vague or out there in the mist. Handier when talked in months, maybe a few years.

All the sobering talk causes all around you to grow up, mature, ripen a few notches quickly.

To come up to speed on the all important notion that life if to be lived to its fullest each day. In the here and now. Not behind you. Not raced through with having dessert promised someday on the other end. It may be later than you think.

And what are you going to do about it within the capacity of the role you play to make it better for those around you, which ultimately shapes your own experience. It is all about others. Making their life better knowing you live like you are dying. Chances are we all will someday right? Where is your focus, approach to it all today? Living today as if it is your last and with greater appreciation?

I am glad I live in a small Maine town. I am a personal fan of Vacationland.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker