If a people pair are dubbed by their peers as “two peas in a pod”, would that earn the label carbon copy?

Learning In Life Together.
Peas In A Pod, Getting Along. Maybe Sisters, Best Friends? Waiting For Their Ship To Come In?
Not identical twins. But pretty close to clones in what makes them tick deep down inside? Sized up, USDA graded “A” number one. Rumbling along the one potato, two potato life conveyor assembly line. An awful lot alike. Or the chemistry of the two elements, personalities combined causes difficulty in determining where one starts and the other leaves off in the relationship tag team of two.

Or is it like the porridge the girl with the hair of gold was finicky about, highly selective.

Not going to sit down and eat until it was “just right”. Kept looking, sampling, not settling for anything that was not just so. Same breakfast mush but the temperature seemed to be the one defining selection variant in the eenie meenie miney moe. The standard sought before the bow the head grace and digging in. To beam satisfied, be all smiles with a happy tummy in the break and enter brunch buffet. Without the baby grand piano player, fish bowl tip jar, freshly squeezed, sweating juice pitcher array.

But we are not talking food you like or not. Instead, it’s what leaves a good taste in both people’s mouths in the mostly blue sky and sunshine relationship labor. When it works, clicks. And they still all do demand effort. The give and take. A work in progress. Rock polishing, smoothing. Finding the rough edges together.

Then eyes on your own paper. Roll up the sleeves. At your private time desk. Each filing and sanding their fair share off in the building of a lasting, enduring friendship. Changing the way you you used to look at things, the new way you react in a good, positive way. That can not help but improve the weather, atmosphere surrounding the relationship.

To come closer together in alignment for harmony. To be orbiting in the same circles.

Sand blasting, hammering out, chiseling away at their differences from each rise and shine daily experience. The notes on the page transposed to music that is sung, played on the right pitch, in the same key, matched in time rhythm.

Weathering the storms that happen right on schedule in anyone’s life. Everything happens for a reason. Paying attention develops the clarity to light the murky, watery channel ahead around the “islands” of people. To learn how to put it all in perspective, to come out stronger, wiser in the process. Who wouldn’t want the best possible relationship ever. Because you are in it, get to sample the ambrosia you helped make. We are talking appreciation, not the wrecking ball of pride raising havoc, taking over.

All this hunt and peck talk about becoming more alike, so where does the “opposites attract” part camp weigh in, apply?

If you and I were too much alike would there be no room, or nothing new for adding to the recipe crafted, baked together? To surprise, delight both of us. Drawn up from the deep, cold well of talents, skills, experiences of the other in the combined repertoire?

Maybe over thinking leads to the need to control, alternate, delete time. Like the porridge simple. It just tastes good, goes down well. Gravitate to those things, people that do. If someone comes up along side you that says me too, smile. Don’t fight it. The pairing happens naturally, not so scientifically in the match making of what just works game.

Trouble shooters can be good in keeping a business ship afloat. The ink not flowing red but black. But need to throw away the office template in the affairs of the heart. To just sit in the boat, paddle with the current and drift, relax, wait for what is around the next river bend. Could be a class five rapid or a quiet pool to eddy out for lunch when the porridge wears off. Time to dine, feast again.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME REALTOR